How does the political left convince everyone that racism is everywhere in our society? When you control the mainstream media just pump out the propaganda dressed up as news.

CNN, The Guardian, and the ABC are obsessed with race politics. What tactics do they use to convince people of colour in the United States or Aboriginal Australians in Australia that they are oppressed and racism is everywhere?

Their go-to argument is that the disparity in the standards of living between races is proof of racism and similarly, in Australia, the gap between Aboriginal Australians and other Australians is also seen as proof of racism.

In both nations, the large social welfare programs rolled out in the 1960s as part of the war on poverty were pushed for black Americans and Aboriginal Australians.  The left views such social welfare program as a form of racial justice. They say to racial minorities we created these programs for you to fight ‘racism’.

These programs do the exact opposite of what they promise. They create dependency, then the government with its hordes of bureaucrats comes along and says people are still struggling so we need another program and new racial justice task force. That is why in Australia we have a mega superstructure of reconciliation: Closing the Gap, Sorry Day, Uluru Statement from the Heart, and so on.

Who is pushing minorities to become dependent on government welfare? The left. And who pushes the narrative that because you are not getting ahead as much as you should, it is because of racism? The left. The left with its social welfare programs are creating disparities then they turn around and say racism is rampant.

If any of these programs were about helping Aboriginal persons or blacks in the United States, we would have seen a reduction in poverty. Who gets hurt by these programs the most? Black Americans and Aboriginal Australians.  

Racism in its actual form is at extreme lows-record lows. That is why the left need to invent fake hate crimes and promote the new forms of racism to convince people that racism is alive and well such as subliminal, systematic and subconscious racism.

The same people who want big government are the same ones pushing the racism narrative as often as they can. They tell racial minorities you cannot achieve because of racism. All these racial justic programs do is cause division and disunity.  

Minorities are duped and tricked in thinking everyone is out to get them. The left says, ‘you must be careful because whites are out to get you and to keep you down.’

That is why fraternity groups such as Proud Boys are labelled racist because false allegations keep the race hustlers busy and relevant. Proud Boys’ tenets, not one is anything to do with race but the label white supremacist is now even given to black Americans, Hispanics, anyone holding an American flag, anyone supporting Trump, now even any couple wanting to adopt a black child-racist. 

Increasingly we see every issue or problem in society turned into one about race and racial identity. This is why race-baiting is now a booming business with big money involved. Many have six-figure jobs in both the private and public sector because of strange race theories and have a vested financial interest in propagating the false narratives of systemic racism.

Unconscious bias trainers for corporations and consulting to the public sector are making very high salaries. Race salespersons and professional race-baiters earn serious money.

The politics of racism needs to be continually perpetuated for power and control. In the United States, the further one removes themselves from race-baiters and progressives, the fewer people see the race-baiting propaganda and less division is created. The activists live off the backs of people they created. 

Some of the left’s latest examples of racist behaviour are having an Australian flag, loving your country, criticizing anyone from a minority group for a legitimate non-racial reason or having a black doll.

Black Lives Matter claim that saying all lives matter is racist. The BLM movement has emboldened some black criminals and that the police having to use force against such criminals is more proof that racism is everywhere and institutionalized.

The dynamic between police and the black community has changed. Some police are backing off patrolling neighbourhoods where crime thrives therefore making them even more dangerous and emboldening criminals further. What does the left then say? More racism. 

The American welfare state is now a vast empire at all levels of government. The number of African American lives destroyed by the left “would exceed the wildest dreams of any Klansman” (Heritage Foundation).

To the left successful white people do not deserve what they have achieved , you only achieved in life because of racism. They are putting race politics into as many different aspects of daily life as possible.

The more people wake up to race-baiting politics and gaslightening the sooner the booming business of race politics can come to a crash.

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