Book Review: The Global Sexual Revolution

The Global Sexual Revolution

The Global Sexual Revolution by Gabriele Kuby describes how over the past 50 years a totally destructive revolution on par with the Russian and French revolutions has been waged in the west.  The global sexual revolution is ongoing and is ready for its next stage.

The bitter fruit of the global sexual revolution is there for all to see. Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, and John Money were the earlier pioneers. The recent examples are the third-wave feminists, LGBT activists such as Dan Savage or figures in Australia such as Roz Ward, Penny Wong or Benjamin Law.

Activists want to heavily feed their ideologies to children from four years upwards.  The gender activists, LGBT activists want more sex education from young ages, and this is a very common occurrence at most public schools.

The porn epidemic is destroying lives and marriages daily.  Psychiatrists and counselors are busy dealing with that new drug. Society is getting nearer to normalising and downplaying pedophilia to the point of it being viewed as just another ‘orientation’.

Homosexuals in the 1970s used the exact same argument and portrayed themselves as victims and managed to sway the psychiatric establishment to remove it from the DSM. It was removed by one vote.

With homosexual marriage, we now have homosexuality adoption rights. Gay marriage is nothing more than to make children over in the image of their parents and in 10, 20, 30 years the survivors will speak out. There are many such survivors and stories abound, but during the same-sex marriage plebiscite, those voices were squashed.

Kuby argues, “even biological parents do not own their children, but are trustees with the task of providing the child with the best possible conditions for arriving at his or her unique individuality.”

All the indicators of a full revolution have been brewing for decades. The gender bender movement is the latest installment. The continual sexualization of society, attacks on marriage and family, and abortion on demand.

Children are the heaviest hit. Easy divorce is the main culprit. Children suffer immensely from divorce. Homosexual parents do not consider the child. They are another flag to capture on their quest for more rights. The revolutionaries’ ideology is everyone is entitled to all human rights without discrimination on the basis of orientation or gender identity.

Kerby writes, “A moral criteria regarding how people deal responsibly with the power of sexuality are classified as discrimination…people’s essential moral distinctions between right and wrong, good and evil, is forbidden as applied to sexuality…people are no longer allowed to think that the purpose of sexuality is a bond of love between a man and a women and the creation of children, even though strong stable heterosexual relationships are pivotal for a stable society and even the existence of a society.”

The expansion of the state is what results if you destabilise families. If the family is weakened (as indeed it has been), the state is strengthened.

Activist minority groups have the United Nations backing plus academia and most of the media. Deregulation of sexuality has lead to cultural decay. It has led to the destruction of families as the best environment for children.

Sexualisation robs children of their childhood (such as Safe Schools). Uncertainty about gender, masculine and feminine leads to personality disorders.

Representing broken families as normal prevents children from overcoming painful psychological results. Destruction of families leads to state control of raising children which is what the left ideologues want.

They wish for the state to usurp parental rights.  LGBT activists want schools to be their ideological battleground. They have a sense of entitlement to your children. More bullying in the name of anti-bullying, gender fluidity, victimhood than the quest to find any perpetrators, then follow unashamed pleasures and power.

LGBTIQ promotes every conceivable moral corruption under the banner of equality. The politically correct do not care for facts. They want total freedom and stuff the consequences.  “Acceptance and active exaltation of pure hedonism for any reason, with anyone or anything, at any time and in any way means that no one accuses anyone of violating the social boundaries.” (Kerby)

Although the health risks are extremely high, never do these practices get much media notice. Where all manner of diseases thrives with alarming regularity, the consequences are just passed on to all taxpayers as they get state of the art clinics.

Professor  Brendan Dean (University of West Indies in Jamaica) paid the price for saying more and more diseases will come, new strains of HIV/AIDS and there are already many antibiotic-resistant sexual diseases, nearly always gay men.  These are continually growing. The coming nightmare will come.

Safe Schools and other such programs teach youth that sexually transmitted diseases are no big deal. The It Gets Better Project was endorsed by Barack Obama and other high profile politicians in the USA. It focuses on telling youths that things get better if you adopt gay practices. It tries to inspire all sorts of changes such as awareness campaigns and workplace training.

However, things do not get better as many prominent medical professionals keep saying (if they are brave enough to). What passes for the average homosexuality life is not pleasant one bit. Drug use, substance abuse, domestic violence, and statistics on pedophilia indicate attacks are overwhelmingly vastly disproportionately done by homosexuals.

They will not tell you any of this in Safe Schools.  Goebbels may be looking down now thinking he could never have mastered a propaganda program as good as that.

Politically correct repression is what we now have. Even kids cartoons or books cannot be left alone by gender activists. The hyper-left gets all upset if you do not use gender-neutral language or use the correct pronoun when addressing someone.

Maybe it is time to remove all identification cards? They are discrimination, aren’t they? Or the date of birth? Free gender reassignment is available if you need it and you can change your mind as often as you want.

What the activists want is no stigma whatsoever for any practice and no constraints. Then they mindlessly commit their abnormal acts at will regardless of location and without judgment, guilt or penalty…this they proclaim is the greatest freedom.

Only until they remove any stigma whatsoever, any judgment or moral values can we have total freedom. Sexual pleasures always trump personal responsibility.  They equate human freedom with sexual expressions of pretty much anything.

The consequences of the ongoing global sexual revolution are still being felt, and the full consequences won’t be revealed for some time.

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