National Registry of White Males: a new attack on men


Feminists have begun a new attack on white men, or rather, cis-white heterosexual males, by creating a so-called “National Registry of White Males”, prompting all white men to disclose their privilege status. Using a tasteless ‘Google Forms’ survey, the new registry was created as a parody of Trump’s alleged proposition for a registry for Muslims in the USA. It aims at maintaining a database of all white men, who, according to the founder of the Tumblr-hosted site, believes they “pose the greatest threat to domestic security for all American Citizens”.

This crude stunt comes as a new low for feminists triggered by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Everything from flag-burning, street rioting and now white male registries, it is clear that the left, especially it’s feminist faction, are a waste of space on this Earth. According to left-wing logic, the fact that most crimes are committed by white men is reason enough to believe that they threaten society, despite the fact that white people already comprise the majority in the United States. The left is oblivious to studies that show that if New York, as an example, was all white, the murder rate would drop by 91% and the robbery rate would go down 81%. An all-white Chicago would see a drop of 90% for both.

Despite the facts, as mentioned above, feminists have chosen to pursue a path of ignorance by believing the false myth of toxic masculinity. In fact, feminists have chosen to ignore all the contributions of white men to society, and have forgotten the fact that the Western world comprises of advanced countries because of white men and their efforts. Where would the world be if it wasn’t for men? 

“We would still be living in grass huts,” is the answer according to culturally conservative academic and social critic, and woman, Camille Paglia. Sorry feminists, but she is right. Advancements in science, technology, and the arts is attributed mainly to men. From the computer to the Statue of David, from the Pyramids to the wheel, it was men who advocated the advancement of civilisation and the betterment of human society. If saying this makes me sexist, so be it. I proudly accept the label. In opposition, feminists make an excuse by saying that women were always repressed in the past, denying them opportunities to also contribute to the sciences or technology. This argument is rendered invalid by the fact that social norms are based on biology, and also by the presence of some notable women in the past who participated in war, statecraft, and other such fields dominated by men. Examples include Hatshepsut, Joan of Ark, and Queen Victoria. However, according to feminists, these are anomalies, as they still consider it an injustice that men dominated these fields. According to me, it’s the natural order. 

Furthermore, it was men who protected women and children. Men went to war to protect their societies, and continue to do so today. Yet the liberal media and various left-wing politicians disregard the ordeal experienced by men in favour of catering for the feelings of feminists. Tumblrinas and progressive twitterati are abound trying to distance themselves from their own gender due to a false representation of men as naturally violent by the feminists. And this National Registry is a prime example.

I am definitely not denying the role played by women in helping develop society and civilisation. Women were essential to the maintenance of the household. I am simply stating the facts: society evolved through millennia mainly because of men. Ultimately, the feminists are victims themselves. They have fallen victim to the subversive and perverted force of cultural Marxism sweeping Western society to such an extent that masculinity is repressed in favour of irrational feelings. The cultural Marxists’ motive is to belittle Western culture, including its emphasis on masculinity, in order to bring forth the destruction of the West. While this force has reached a new level, such as the implementation of Respectful Relationships in the Australian state of Victoria and the official promotion of gender-neutral pronouns in Canada, it’s efforts towards transforming society are failing. Brexit, Pauline Hanson, and the election of Donald Trump serve to symbolise the revival of conservatism and tradition in the Western world due to its inhabitants’ realisation of the dangers posed by left-wing ideologies.

White men pose no danger. However, to be fair, maybe the founder of this registry is right to criticise the Muslim registry. The presence of Muslims in America is nothing in comparison to the real, ultimate danger threatening its society: leftists. The effort expended in creating a registry for Muslims could be put to better use. The real registry should not be for Muslims, the real registry should be for leftists, social justice warriors and feminists.

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