Soros once stated: "the main obstacle to a just world order is the United States"

Right of centre people in Australia are usually mildly aware of Guardian Australia columnist Jason Wilson.

Jason enjoying a tasty beverage.

He is after all in the running to be the Guardian opinion columnist with the most connections to far left extremism. And when you consider that his competitors in that field are self-professed Anarcho-Communist Van Badham and the actual founder of the Trotskyist Socialist Alternative Jeff Sparrow that’s quite an accomplishment.

Jason while originally a humble university lecturer here in Australia now resides in the lily-white hipster Mecca of Portland on the U.S west coast. Jason has made lots of friends in his new home such as eco-terrorist supporter and Anarchist Alexander Reid Ross, Anarchist activist and writer Shane Burley and prominent American Anarchist theorist Matthew Lyons.

Keen observers will have noticed a pattern.

It has been pointed out by myself previously that despite their well-known and openly proclaimed devotion to one of the most violent and extremist ideologies ever concocted (and in the case of Reid Ross connections to an actual terrorist group) Jason frequently quotes these men as authoritative sources in his Guardian articles without ever mentioning their rather relevant backgrounds.

Jason has even helped them promote their books.

Which considering that Jason has written roughly about a dozen articles angrily attacking other journalists for not sufficiently mentioning the extremist backgrounds of people Jason disagrees with is a little bit hilarious.

But on Friday Jason decided to come out to bat for George Soros (again).

As I pointed out last time Jason decided to defend the deliberately destructive desiccated old billionaire it’s entirely possible that when Jason was marching at a protest alongside the Maoist front organisation “Resist Fascism” that he was unkowingly holding a sign that may have in part been funded by the old man.

Life’s a trip hey?

Jason was prompted to renew his defence of the entirely defenseless billionaire by the totally-real-not-at-all-false-flag suspicious device sent to one of the many Soros residences this week.

While most left wing commentators blamed Trump for stirring up animus towards a totally innocent benevolent never-hurt-a-fly old man, Jason decided he really knew what was behind it.

Nazis. Nazis did it.

Nazis sent a bomb to a Jewish man because a President with a Jewish son in law, Jewish convert daughter and Jewish grandchildren who moved the U.S embassy to Jerusalem was secretly sending out covert anti semitic signals that only really smart people like Jason (and presumably Nazis) can detect.

Jason you absolute genius.

The article is hilarious and I encourage people to read it in full, but probably my favourite part is where Jason says that Soros:

“has been falsely accused by the right of orchestrating alleged violence from so-called “”antifa”” groups”

So-called “antifa” groups?

Portland Antifa. According to Jason Wilson entirely mythical.

I hope Jason took his black mask off while typing that.

I’m not sure Jason realises this but Twitter isn’t some magical private realm where you only talk to your friends. The rest of us can see it too. Which means that the rest of us can see that Jason has attended almost every violent antifa rally in Portland over the last two years. He’s even boasted about being the guy whose feed you want to watch if you want to know where the action is. The only recent antifa violence Jason hasn’t attended in his adopted home was because he was busy chasing more fictional “Nazis” out in Montana.

“So-called” antifa campaigning for the release of totally non violent prisoners.

You don’t get to say Antifa doesn’t exist when you are one Jason. Makes you look like a liar.

To bolster his Trump-made-Nazis-bomb-Soros hypothesis Jason fell back on an old standby, he quoted his mate Matthew Lyon at length.

Funnily enough he didn’t mention that Matthew is an Anarchist who has run talks calling Donald Trump a fascist who must be resisted.

No Jason just describes Matthew as a:

“Researcher and the author of several books on rightwing populism and far-right ideology”.

He also didn’t mention that Matthew’s last book was published by PM press, the Successor to AK press both set up as Anarchist publishing houses by the formerly Scottish currently U.S residing Anarchist publisher Ramsey Kanaan.

Or that his last book before that was produced by “Kersplebedeb Publishing“, another Anarchist press who describes their goal as the overthrow of capitalist society.

I wonder if any of these chaps have a book Jason can plug?

So Jason quoted a noted Anarchist theorist who writes Anarchism related books analysing the “far right” from an Anarchist perspective published by Anarchist publishers and who thinks the President is a literal fascist and didn’t mention any of this.

And he even included a helpful link in case you wanted to buy any of Matthews literary output.

Naughty boy Jason.

Jason then quoted Lyon in turn quoting 19th century Marxist activist August Bebel who formulated the idiom that “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools”. Unsurprisingly Wilson forgot to mention the Marxist background of Bebel either, or that he was praised after his death in 1913 as a vital trailblazer for the Marxist cause by Vladimir Lenin.

I have to admit I’m going to be watching out for Jason’s columns in the upcoming months ahead.

I have no idea how he’s going to top this but considering his trajectory the formulation of the perfect Guardian opinion piece can only be a matter of time.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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