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With Robert Mueller having testified in Congress on Thursday, if one could describe the rambling incoherency as testifying, #Russiagate is dead and buried.

Mueller investigation was a political witch hunt, an employment of the
national security apparatus to find imaginary evidence of Russian
meddling in the 2016 election. Mueller’s investigation, quite possibly
the ‘insurance policy,’
to which vehement anti-trump FBI agent Peter Stzrok referred, proved
only that there is a deep current of self-interest at the highest
echelons of US bureaucracy.

investigation’s origins, lying in the DNC funded ‘Steele Dossier,’ are
far more concerning than anything found in the investigation. It’s clear
that if a DNC funded document can be the catalyst for a FISA
(surveillance) warrant, signed off by top brass at both the Department
of Justice and the FBI, then we are all at risk of the same unjustified
treatment. Campaign funded research should not be the acid test by which
we determine whether a personal right to privacy can be infringed.
Former FBI director James Comey even said himself that the contents of
the dossier were ‘salacious and unverified.

despite authoring a report which determined that there was insufficient
grounds to charge anyone within the Trump Campaign of any
collusion-based charges, Robert Mueller refused acknowledge the
President’s exoneration. According to NBC news, Mueller deflected or
declined to answer 198 about questions pertaining to his ownreport. Somehow though, he was able to say unequivocally that Russian’s interfered in the election in a ‘sweeping and systematic fashion.’

This is easily the story’s most bizarre axis mundi. The two key pillars on which the electoral interference theory lies, is the St Petersberg Troll Farm & the ‘hacking’ of the DNC Email server. These are demonstrably ficticious, and are certainly an extremely low bar on which we would determine substantial electoral inference/instigate an extensive surveillance operation. A few Russkies spending a total of $100,000 to buy 3,519 Facebook advertisements doesn’t constitute anywhere near the type of influence we see from foreign powers, Big Pharma & Weapons Manufacturers.

December 2014 and February 2016 alone, Hilary Clinton’s campaign
received over $450,000 from registered employees of weapons
manufacturers. In recent years Members of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family
have provided at least $10
million to the Clinton Foundation, State of Kuwait giving at least $5
million & the State of Qatar coughing up at least $1 million.

There is no theoretical grounds on which Facebook Advertisements can be
electoral interference, which doesn’t apply to a much larger magnitude,
to every form of corporate or statist lobbying.

Mueller also upheld the unproven allegation the Russians hacked the DNC server and provided Julian Assange and Wikileaks with the emails pertaining to the rigging of the democratic primary against Bernie Sanders.

There remains absolutely no evidence of this, despite allegations that Russian’s visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy within a sensitive time period. It’s all absolutely at best circumstantial, especially considering the breadth of visitors received by Assange during his stay in the embassy.

What is almost certain is that the emails weren’t hacked but either leaked or unwillingly divulged. John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager had fallen prey to an online phishing scam and provided his own account details, giving the scam’s owner access to all his passwords and emails. However, the word of ‘independent’ cyber security contractor Crowdstrike was enough for the FBI to determine that the emails weren’t leaked, nor involuntarily divulged, but hacked. To seal the deal, no one but Crowdstrike was allowed to look at the DNC servers to ascertain the truthfulness.

Robert Mueller, one of the best investigator’s and soundest legal
mind’s in the country, did nothing to quell ridiculous allegations that
these ads were an attack on democracy itself. He posited that the
Russians were, even as he was speaking, undermining American Democratic Principles & would certainly do it again in 2020.

There Is no evidence that the Russians would engage in electoral interference in any manner different to what the CIA has admitted to doing,
nor any other country with the power to do so is likely already
pursuing. What is absolutely true however, is that senior US officials
in taxpayer funded organisations, abused special legal privileges,
abandoned evidence and proof, and prosecuted the agenda of a political
party unbeknownst to the public.

The key concern for an ordinary citizen should be directed at the political intent of the investigative machinery. Mueller, despite his own report acting as slamming indictment of the #RussiaGate pundits and the DNC, was unable to cross the threshold and enter into the strata of the average citizen.

This is the plight of the ordinary person, who receives no immediate benefit from show trials and kangaroo courts, yet has to pony up with the cash every time the Government to pursue another regime change or clandestine political operation.

Mueller can’t verbalise Trump’s exoneration because to do so would reify the fears of the ordinary citizen. This being the terrible and logical fear that there is very little that they have actual control over. We must now therefor, investigate the investigators.

Alexander Cameron is a Host on Carnage House Productions Show. This article originally appeared on his Medium blog.