Mexico: UK And Other Countries Funded Illegal Caravans To US


An investigation by Mexico’s
Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) revealed that 26 individuals and entities
have been funding illegal Central American migrant caravans heading for the US

Breitbart reported that the funds
allegedly came from Britain, Africa, the U.S and Central America.

Mexico’s Finance and Tax Secretariat
(SHCP) announced that they would freeze the assets of suspected individuals
involved in this scheme. 

Apparently, the suspects engaged in
questionable international financial transactions from the cities of Chiapas
and Queretaro at the time that the migrant caravans were moving through.

Mexican officials monitored financial
movements from October 2018 to pinpoint the sources of funding for the illegal
migrant caravans. 

They were able to trace the source of
funding from the U.S, England, Cameroon, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Officials have not divulged the
identities of the suspects or entities involved, however, they would file
complaints with Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

Meanwhile, Mexican government has
approved to host more migrants seeking asylum in US and strengthen enforcement
on southern border, staving off import tariffs on Mexican goods.

President Donald Trump warned the
imposition of up to 25 percent tariffs on all imported Mexican goods if the
government fails to curb crossings at the US-Mexico border. 

The tariffs were due to take effect
on Monday, but the President tweeted late on Friday that both governments had
reached a deal thus, tariffs have now been suspended indefinitely.

The two countries have agreed to
expand the asylum program – remain in Mexico— that operates in the border
cities of Tijuana, Mexicali and Ciudad Juarez.

So far, the U.S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents made 132,887 arrests in May, the first time
that detentions ballooned to more than 100,000 since April 2007 and the highest
monthly total since Trump took office. 

Incidentally, hundreds of people from
African countries have been detained by US border patrol agents in Texas. 

U.S Customs and Border
Patrol (CBP) told BBC that there is an ongoing “humanitarian crisis” due to the
“dramatic rise” of asylum seekers from African countries arriving at the
southern border. Most of them are from Angola, Cameroon and the Republic of
Congo, CBP said.

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