Deep State Attacks Gabbard Again — Now She’s fighting back


Democratic Candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been the victim of yet another deep state hit job, this time with Google suspending her campaign’s advertising account for six hours immediately after June 28th’s presidential debate. Her performance lead to a surge in internet traffic, with potential voters keen to hear more from the anti-interventionist war veteran.

Twitter Blew up in Gabbard Interest

She grilled front-runner Kamala Harris, an alleged warrior for social justice, on her incredibly poor record as a California prosecutor, including locking up more than 1,500 individuals (disproportionately ethnic minorities) for manrijuana related convictions, & also refusing to release evidence that would exonerate an innocent man on death row.

Gabbard (Right) Smokes Kamala Harris (Left) on her indefensible prosecution record

by consequence of the account suspension, those who would have normally
seen her campaign page at the top of Tulsi Gabbard related Google
searches, were not offered the usual top ranking search results offering
direction towards the campaign website.

Google statement read the following

has automated systems that flag unusual activity on advertiser accounts
— including large spending changes — to prevent fraud….In this case,
‘our system triggered a suspension.”

course the timing of the suspension was incredibly suspicious, so much
so that Gabbard’s team has launched a $50 million law suit under Tulsi Now, Inc. vs. Google, LLC
in the U.S district court for the Central District of California. The
complaint hinges on the premise that google operates it’s platforms and
functions such as Search, Google Ads & Google Mail, to facilitate
public discussion and inquiry. Thus by denying public access to
Gabbard’s campaign at the height of internet popularity, Google was
according to Gabbard’s attorney’s ‘intermeddling in the 2020 United
States Presidential Election.’

This is of course not the first time that the Deep State has gone after the incredibly likeable and qualified Hawaiian representative, after systematic smear attempts from major left wing media outlets painted her as both a Russian puppet and an ‘Assad Toadie.’ If anyone would like to see just how shallow their analysis is, one only has to look at the Bari Weiss interview with Joe Rogan.

Bari Weiss unsure why Gabbard is a ‘toadie’

interview was a tour behind the scenes of the Deep State movie. When
facing a millimetre of pressure, Weiss was unable to articulate what a
‘toadie’ is, and why Gabbard would qualify as one. To see how quickly a
journalist at a respected publication would trash and tarnish the
reputation of a pacifist Army veteran without an iota of evidence or
understanding shows exactly why mainstream media is dying & why we
should be sceptical of every story they publish.

In 2015 Gabbard made no establishment friends in Criticisng Obama on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN programme for not using the term ‘radical islam’ when he referred to ISIS, she said ‘it’s impossible to come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy. We have to recognize that this is about radical Islam.’ Throwing gasoline on a Deep State fire she then backed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders against Hilary Clinton in the 2016 democratic primary.

Sanders (Left) & Gabbard (Right) — Mark Wilson Getty Images

the most divisive element of Gabbard’s platform is her intense focus on
ceasing the prosecution of boots-on-the-ground regime change overseas.
Gabbard understands these wars are incredibly toxic and destructive, and
it is only be forcibly overthrowing established regimes that we interfere with our own security.
By generating a power vaccum in the midst of several competing militant
rebel groups, the bloodiest and most brutal of these gain control of
economic and political assets, as seen in Iraq, Iran & Libya. This
is before we include the millions upon millions
of refugees generated by the poltical turmoil. Oil rich Gulf states
like Saudia Arabia and Kuwait, both of whom fund proxy wars in Syria and
the middle-east overall, refuse to take in refugees, relying on the humanitarian streak in secular western societies to bare the cost.

is no surprise that Gabbard’s pitch hit home with voters considering
Trump’s success along the same lines, & it is no co-incidence either
that google went into immediate damage control. For the true progressive
left, the chickens have come home to roost. At the first indication
that Gabbard’s anti-interventionist campaign may have been taking a
grip, what has traditionally & disproportionately impacted conservative independent media outlets and commentators, has come to hurt the democratic rising star.

It was what many of the conservative and libertarian pundits had warned of, including myself with respect to the banning of Tommy Robinson,
that although many members of the progressive Left were in the short
term benefitting from a sea of conservative social media suspensions and
bans, they should not be surprised if soon enough, the monster turns on
Dr. Frankenstein.

What is absolutely apparent and potentially beneficial, is that Tulsi will do much more to expose the inner workings of the Military Industrial Complex than any other Democratic candidate. We know that her policy agenda is extremely progressive, but not dissimilar to the majority of her peers. To watch who criticises her in a uniquely vicious manner, will be to watch the puppets of the war machine, & thus we can know where the enemy lies. Google’s reaction is but a first in what I anticipate to be many #fakenews campaigns brought against her.