New Evidence in George Floyd Death. Officers Faced Trial By Media


Following George Floyd’s death on 25 May, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who had his knee on Floyd’s throat has been charged with second-degree murder, upgraded from third-degree. The three other former officers involved in Fyold’s death were J Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao.

The physical, scientific and electronically recorded evidence in this case convincingly and conclusively prove that these defendants are NOT guilty of the charges. These officers played no role in George Floyd’s death. 
The media for days continually showed Officer Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s throat, leading to nationwide riots, looting and fires.

Many Americans joined Black Lives Matter as the result of seeing this footage and became shock troops on the streets like the Red Guards of Mao’s China. The media should have asked what the lead-up to this footage was and where is the entire picture? But no. They showed a brief snippet of footage of a white middle-aged officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck because that is the symbol of white privilege,  domination, oppression, police brutality,  police bias and racism.

The mainstream media ran that footage for weeks. The footage whipped up anger and was the perfect image to use for people with an agenda to divide the nation by race and to fit their ideological narrative.  It was the gotcha moment for the hard left to pour more fuel onto Black Lives Matter and their ideology of intersectionality.  A white officer kneeling on a black equals an oppressor. All police officers are bad, they must be defunded. Never mind that two of the officers were of Asian descent.

Stan Grant, the race-baiting charlatan, even hosted an episode of the ABC’s Four Corners program titled I Can’t Breathe. One would think a journalistic expert which the ABC worships would have done basic fact-checking on George Floyd’s arrest and circumstances rather than going with the phrase “I Can’t Breathe”. It was emotional and raw and was adored by the hard-left because I Can’t Breathe sounds like extreme police brutality.  Police go around beating and picking on minorities just for fun in the United States just like Australian officers do with Aboriginal Australians.

But new evidence has now come to light. The recently released bodycam footage of George Floyd’s arrest proves that when he encountered police he was already in a very bad state. He was in distress and under the heavy influence of drugs. What led to George Floyd being in this state we do not know.

The police, as the footage shows, show concern for his condition and asked twice for medical services to assist him. This is not the behaviour of officers intending on doing George Floyd harm. Floyd said many times before police put any hands on him that he could not breathe. He said it many minutes before he requested to be put on the ground. You can read the transcript of the recording at the Richardson Post.

George Floyd’s autopsy and toxicology reports stated that his breathing difficulty was caused by a high level of fentanyl which in high doses causes respiratory problems. The autopsy showed no physical injuries or signs of an assault. The defendants would have no reason to believe Chauvin kneeling on Floyd would cause serious harm.

George Floyd tragically rendered himself a dead man by his unfortunate actions. Professional race-baiting charlatan activists used the footage in attempting to paint him as a victim of oppression, injustice and racism. It turned out to be a tragic case with activists causing untold damage based on false narratives and a false story. It created a frenzy and a mob. 

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