The Peaceful Majority are Irrelevant


In Ohio, USA today a Somali immigrant ploughed his car into a group of Students at Ohio State University before jumping out of his car, armed with a butcher’s knife.  He then proceeded to go on a frenzied stabbing spree before being shot dead by a local police officer. As a result of another Islamic inspired attack in a Western nation, eleven people have been hurt with one in a critical condition.

As always there will be an outpouring of support from the left-wing media and activists who will claim that he does not represent the peaceful religion of Islam.  They will paint him as a mentally ill lone wolf extremist and probably try to blame our treatment of him as the cause of his radicalisation.  We will hear that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and we now must stand united and embrace them even more.

You will see the left find some new hashtag to show solidarity with Muslims, as you see they are in need of comfort when one of their own act on the instructions of the Quran.  Now for most sane individuals we will see through these attempts to shift blame away from the actual cause of the terrorist attack.  We will once again ask that our governments do more to protect us.

When the left use the argument that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, they have some pretty powerful stats to back up their claim “that it is only a very small percentage carrying out these attacks”.  This is very true, but this brings us to two key points.

Point one is they completely and utterly fail to consider the number of people who support these attacks, either directly through logistical or monetary support or just through their belief that the attacks are justifiable Jihad (a war or struggle against unbelievers/infidels).

Point two is that they completely overlook other forms of Islamic extremism such as Sharia law.  When you look into the nations that have full Sharia Law it is quite scary, where people are sentenced to death for things such as blasphemy.   In the USA where the latest attack happened a poll last year by the “Centre for Security Policy” found that 51% of American Muslims wanted Sharia law.

When the safety of all people within a nation or the world is put in danger by extremist from one particular religion or ideological idea then the actions of the so-called peaceful majority becomes irrelevant.  In Germany when WWII was declared there were 8 million members of the Nazi party out of 80 million Germans, that’s 10%.  That means that the clear majority of 90% were peaceful Germans, but they were irrelevant.  The Western allies had no choice but to put aside the peaceful majority and wage war on the Germans, to ensure peace across Europe and the world.  Now I am not suggesting we need to go to war with Muslims, but clearly it is time to acknowledge that the argument that most are peaceful is irrelevant.

So why is it irrelevant?  It’s called risk migration and it’s a key responsibility of government to migrate risks for its people.  The risk of continued Muslim immigration is just too high.  Our government has an obligation to provide for our safety from attacks and other dangers, where it has the power to do so.  It is time for us to very clearly ask our elected officials, do they value our lives as citizens of the nation they govern as less than a foreign refugee?  Because each and every time they grant citizenship to a Muslim refugee they are inviting a risk into the nation that directly risks our lives.  They simply cannot guarantee that any Muslim they grant citizenship to, is not radicalised, will not become radicalised or their children will not become radicalised.

It is time to seriously consider the future of Muslim immigration across all Western nations.  This is not racist, bigoted or Islamophobic; it is simply risk migration, one of the many duties of our elected officials.


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