“Christchurch retaliation” Defense Secretary Dismissed- President


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka- FORMER Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene has been fired by Sri Lanka’s President. The same State Minister of Defense who attempted to link the bombings Christchurch that killed 50 people to the Islamic terror that has killed 359 at last count.

The President has also asked for the resignation of the national police chief after security forces failed to act on warnings before Easter suicide bombings that killed over 350 people.

Before their dismissal, Deputy Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene told a briefing on Wednesday, “We believe that one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and then, later on, did his post-graduate [degree] in Australia before coming back to settle in Sri Lanka.”

“We are looking to all countries neighbouring ours for links to those countries for radicalisation. We are in touch with our counterparts in neighbouring countries and they are assisting us.”

The foreign links and connections of the bombers is still an ongoing investigation.

Mr. Wijewardene said he still stands by claims that the Christchurch attacks inspired the Easter Sunday bombings.

“I think what happened in New Zealand motivated what happened on Easter Sunday,” he said, saying his claim is based on an assessment from the country’s intelligence agency.

“This is according to an assessment done by intelligence. They believe it is motivated by the Christchurch incident.”

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