Le Pen Wants French Parliament Dissolved


Conservative-Right National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen called for the dissolution of the French Parliament after her party topped the European Elections. The election outcome is considered to be a major blow to pro-EU President Emmanuel Macron and his party La République En Marche (LREM).

“He has no other choice to dissolve the National Assembly and choosing a voting system that is more democratic and finally representative of the real opinion of the country,” Le Pen said during her speech at the campaign headquarters on Sunday, May 26.

She added that “the trust that the French have put in us, calling us the first party and… the movement of the future change, is a great honor”.

“The decline of the old parties and the bi-polarization between the RN and LREM confirms that the new division between nationalists and globalists that now dominates our political life is a lasting phenomenon,” Le Pen said.

According to exit polls published by Ipsos/Sopra Steria on Sunday night, Le Pen’s RN came in first with 23.3 percent of the votes, while President Emmanuel Macron’s LREM only came in second with an estimated 22.1 percent.

Likewise, according to the ELABE exit poll, the RN party topped the Sunday election with 24.2 percent of votes. National Rally was led by Jordan Bardella, aged 23 while the LREM list was headed by Natalie Loiseau, a former Minister for European affairs.

Bardella also spoke shortly after the estimates were announced — calling it a “popular burst against the established power that suffers a real failure today.”

“It’s a lesson in humility for the president. Tonight, it’s him, and his policies, that are rejected,” Bardella said, referring to Macron.

“It shows the EU must radically change its economic, social and migration policies.”

He called his party’s victory “an immense satisfaction for all those who have never ceased to believe in France” on Twitter.

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