French Unity Burns Alongside Notre Dame


As Christians around the world mourn
with the French while the cathedral of Notre Dame was burning, netizens mostly
Muslims were firing insults and mockery. 

The spread of online ridicule went
unnoticed by mainstream media but the blog FdeSouche
was able to capture hate messages which were then deleted by the authors.

The Minister of Higher Education,
Research and Innovation Frédérique Vidal denounced the comments as “vain
controversies and outrageous remarks”.

One such remark came from American
Neocon pope Bill Kristol.  In the wake of
the Notre Dame Cathedral blaze, he posted a figurative bomb that the building
hints of anti-Semitism. 

Moreover, he said that Notre Dame’s
religious principles were symbols of “the vanquished synagoga”.

Kristol’s comments stunned French
Catholic neoconservative Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry:

“I still can’t stop thinking about
this. I’ve been a Bill Kristol fan for many years. Reducing Catholicism (even
Medieval Catholicism) to anti-Semitism and scare-quoting ‘philosophy’ in
reference to it is ridiculous and ignorant at all times, but on a night like

Kristol’s views were echoed by far
left The Jewish Worker who tweeted:

“The front entrance to Notre Dame was
adorned with an anti-semitic allusion but no you’re right, I should weep for
this devastating loss.”

The National Union of French Students
(UNEF) openly made fun of the tragedy that struck Notre Dame. Some heads of
UNEF commented that the fire was a condescending “French identity” of “little

Far-right youth movement, Generation
Identity leader Romain Espino showed screenshots of hate messages to show

Vice-President of the student union
at the University of Lille, Askar tweeted:

“I do not care about Notre-Dame de
Paris because I do not care about the history of France.”

Askar presented herself as a “member
of the national office of UNEF”, a syndicate on the left:

“People will cry for bits
of wood. I swear to Allah you like French identity too much while we don’t give
a rat’s ass objectively it’s the madness of little white people.”

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