France Warns Of Anarchy If US Pushes For War With Iran


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian believes that if a US-Iran confrontation pushes through, international anarchy will happen.

In an interview with French daily Le
Parisien, the minister shared his opinion on the situation brewing in the
Middle East:

“Some advocate that relations
between states should no longer be based on cooperation, but on the
confrontation of powers. We risk switching to a kind of international anarchy.”

Le Drian urged nations concerned to adhere to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, from which Washington backed out.  He blamed the collapse of the agreement on President Donald Trump.

A year after the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran announced the discontinuation of its commitments under the deal and gave Europe 60 days to act on Iran’s interests or the JCPOA will be fully scrapped.

Le Drian also stressed the importance of how the relations of countries affect international security, adding that additional forms of “hyper-violence, namely continuing terrorism” are currently progressing:

“The main principles and
foundations of international life are currently being shattered into fragments…
institutions, treaties, earlier promises and boundaries are not
respected”, he noted.

Amid escalating tensions between the US and Iran, Russia and China have maintained good relations with the latter. 

“Our friends, Russia and China, have been maintaining very good relations with us in the year since the US pulled out of the JCPOA, though perhaps the level of relations is not as high as we expected,” he said.

“Other JCPOA participants chose not to fulfil any of their obligations,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov expressed hope that Europe would contribute to a solution:

“We expect our counterparts,
primarily Europeans, who expressed their willingness to find a solution to the
problem created by the Americans, to keep their promises as well.”

In Berlin, German Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Adebahr confirmed that her country is coordinating with Moscow and Beijing: “We continue to actively exchange views with our Russian and Chinese colleagues. Not only we, but also Russia and China, remain in the agreement.”

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