Former General Accuses Merkel Of “Denationalizing” Germany


Former Federal Armed Forces general
Joachim Wundrak believes that the policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)
compromised Germany’s sovereignty. He accused most of mainstream politicians,
including the Federal Chancellor of shaking up the foundations of the nation
and “denationalizing” Germany.

Wundrak explained that a state is
made up three elements which include the people, a territory and a legal

“Mrs. Merkel has shaken all three.
With their open borders, the state territory, with the multicultural mass
immigration the people and their policy of breaking the law and transferring
our sovereignty blurred the state order,” warned the former top soldier.

“I had hoped that the dissolution of
borders was not a political calculation,” he said.

Wundrak left CDU and joined AfD
because the government led by Angela Merkel did nothing against the issue of
mass migration:  

“In 2017 German Chancellor Angela
Merkel said she did not recognize what she should have done differently. In
other words, there was no insight into her moves retrospectively. When I heard
that, I made the decision to join the AfD,” despite the risks, he told the Neue
Zürcher Zeitung.

“Anyone who confesses to being AfD is
bullied and marginalized. It also gets into the focus of Antifa,” he said.

Wundrak pointed out that the
government should have curbed illegal immigration with stricter border controls
instead of exhausting all means to cover up the problems:

“It was clear to me, I have to
actively fight against this policy, because it is intentionally directed
against the interests of our state and people. And the only party that opposes
that is the AfD.”

The former Air Force General Wundrak
is running in the October election in Hanover as mayor. The 64-year-old, who
has been a member of the AfD since the summer of 2017, was formally nominated
by the AfD assembly on 6 August.  
Wundrak won the party’s approval with 98 percent of the vote.

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