Finns Party Wins Big In Parliamentary Elections


The Nationalist Finns Party managed to grab the second highest number of seats in the Parliamentary elections. The chairman of the populist Finns Party, Jussi Halla-aho, says that the performance of his party surprised him. He called it a “day of joy” one which he did not expect:

 “I certainly could never have expected a result like this. Honestly speaking, none of us expected this kind of result.”

The Finnish media now considers him as a shoo-in for kingmaker of the next government because he received the most votes by far of any candidate who ran for the Eduskunta legislature. 

The race between the Finns Party and the Social Democrats for first place was very tight. With 40 seats, a gain of six, the Social Democrats and its leader Antti Rinne won to get their first attempt to form a government.  While, the Finns Party won 39 seats, just one seat shy of the Social Democrats.

“Of course I wanted a better result, I would have liked our result to be at least 20% or more. But with this result we can lead the Finnish people towards a better future,” Rinne said.

Finns Party leader Jussi Halla-aho said, “We are open to cooperation but not at any cost.”

Finns party was popular with rural voters and young residents who were not impressed with the other parties’ platforms on climate change.

Their campaign for immigration to be reduced to near zero while decrying “climate hysteria” led to a surge of support prior to elections. The Finns Party relayed to voters that aggressive climate change policies are an elitist hoax that hurts the working class.

“We want a more moderate and sensible climate policy that does not chase industries away from Finland to countries like China,” party chairman Halla-aho said Sunday.

Finns also voted in the most female lawmakers in their history with women now holding 92 out of Parliament’s 200 seats, up from 83 in the last election.

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