Much has been written about the death of comedy in recent years. The comedy industry like the entertainment industry has long been dominated by people with left-wing political views, but they still managed to make us laugh. Sadly that is no longer the case. In Australia, our ABC Comedy channel is now full of either cringeworthy skits which make sure they don’t offend anyone or political preaching dressed up as satire.

In the United States, late night comedy talk shows are now full of hosts of the latter. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers’ jokes all consist of how much of a moron they think President Trump is believing that to be funny in itself. Their audience is always stacked with far left progressives who lap up what is being said in an attempt to perpetuate that it is funny.

No late night show has been more prolific in creating the next generation of these unfunny preachy comedians than the Daily Show under its new host Trevor Noah. One of his first hires as an on-air correspondent was Michelle Wolf who was billed as the show’s Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent who spouted the standard American feminist view that Democrats were for the sisterhood and Republicans just hated women.

She was one of the people who made the new Daily Show unwatchable. But in the comedy industry getting a gig on the Daily Show is still a gateway to becoming a big star. She appeared on the Daily Show until November 2017. The notoriety she gained as well as other major television appearances led to her being chosen to headline the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

President Donald Trump has chosen to boycott the annual event so the most senior White House official present was Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Despite Sanders proving herself to be one of the most capable White House appointments and one of the longest-serving, Michelle Wolf thought that Sanders deserved to be pillared on stage.

Wolf despite being a feminist had no hesitation in attacking another woman, including even her looks when she said “I actually really like Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful. She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Like maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies. It’s probably lies”.

Despite being heavily criticised for her treatment of Sanders, plus the fact she was just not funny this didn’t stop Wolf’s comedy career advancement. She was given a weekly comedy show on streaming platform Netflix called The Break with Michelle Wolf. The show promised, “There will be no preaching or political agenda — unless it’s funny.”

It’s fair to say that Wolf’s show has failed to live up to that promise. Progressives in the United States have been in panic mode over the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. He was seen as the swing Justice on decisions which decided contentious social issues. Many feared the replacement President Trump nominated would overturn the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade which legalised abortion in the United States as the so-called conservative side of the court would have a 5-4 majority.

This fear from progressives looks to have been misplaced with Trump nominating the moderate conservative United States Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh considers Roe vs Wade and the 1992 abortion decision Planned Parenthood vs Casey to be established legal precedents and has stated after he was nominated that he would uphold well-established precedents.

Trump would appear to want to replace Justice Kennedy with someone similar, coincidently Kavanaugh had previously been a law clerk for Kennedy. Certainly, many conservatives are disappointed that Trump didn’t nominate a constitutional originalist in the mould of his previous appointment of Neil Gorsuch which they considered a home run.

But progressive ran with the hysteria that their cherished right to an abortion was under threat. Gone are the days when they stated that abortion should be ‘safe, legal and rare’ and was a ‘necessary evil. This was personified by Michelle Wolf’s monologue on her most recent episode of the Break.

Wolf believes that those who are anti-abortion are not motivated by the fact they don’t want to see an unborn baby killed but it “means they’re anti-woman” and that men’s opinions on the issue are “very irrelevant”. She claims that abortions “are super common and the stigma is bullshit” and that abortion providers should be proud of their services. She also wants more women to able to have an abortion “And to be clear, this abortion fight isn’t for me: I have money. I’ll always be able to get an abortion.”

The audience responds to her glowing endorsement of abortions taking place with laughter and cheers. She finishes the monologue by dressing in an America dress with a marching band for “The Break’s 10th Annual Salute to Abortion” which finished with the declaration “And women, don’t forget: you have the power to give life and men will try to control that. Don’t let them!” It would appear Wolf is also happy for them to give death too.

There is no other way to describe Wolf’s views on abortion and the manner in which she presents them as evil. To want to glorify and encourage such a practice goes beyond simply being pro-choice. Not surprisingly there has been significant backlash to Wolf’s monologue with many cancelling their Netflix subscriptions. Video of the monologue released on YouTube is running at 3:1 dislikes to likes.

Whether this backlash will be enough to stop Wolf’s astonishing career advancement despite her lack of comedic ability remains to be seen. Her rise is both a representation of both the death of comedy and just how anti-human the progressive left have become.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, he is the Host of the WilmsFront live show, and co-host of The Brawler and the Brain and Trad Tasman Talk shows. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.