Whites Targeted In Baltimore Memorial Day Celebration


Baltimore Police released a video footage on You Tube that shows how white people were deliberately targeted during running street battles in Baltimore on Memorial Day.

“Footage from Baltimore Police body cameras and the downtown CitiWatch surveillance network shows groups of youths gathered Saturday night at the Inner Harbor randomly breaking into fights with each other — and at times committing more serious assaults,” reports Officer.com.

Police have made several arrests on Saturday after they received reports of disturbance in the Inner Harbor. 

One body cam video shows a white man being beaten on the ground by black teens who stopped only after police intervened. 

Another footage shows that a black teen waiting to kick an unsuspecting white passerby in the head.  The teen receives a high five afterwards.  Another video shows how the running battles became more chaotic as the mob turn on each other.

“They were just randomly fighting with each other,” said Col. Richard Worley, the Baltimore Police Department’s chief of patrol, noting that such scenes are completely routine and “were similar to other events that occur in districts all across the city on any given night”.

Incidents involving black teens appear to be racially motivated.

“Our officers don’t get rattled by this stuff anymore,” Worley said.

Last March, 300 African teens got involved in fights at an event at Eastpoint Mall. 

On Easter, two dozen black minors were charged with disorderly conduct after a carnival was canceled at Eastpoint.

These recurring incidents follow the same pattern— a large group of black teens gather in public and become violent, leading to police arrests and backlash from members of black community.

Baltimore Police Department’s union president, Sgt. Mike Mancuso, told officers on Saturday that some youths were “criminals.” But City Councilman Ryan Dorsey argued that Baltimore makes its streets “inhospitable” to people, while Mayor Bernard Young called Saturday’s incident a “parenting question”.

Meanwhile, new curfews have been imposed at several shopping malls and two spring carnivals have been canceled to curb violent incidents in the area. 

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