Why is the media STILL lying about Anti Adani extremists?

Lily Campbell of Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative organiser Lily Campbell speaks at a Sydney "Uni students for climate justice" event.

Last week on Friday night left wing extremists shut down central Brisbane and Sydney as part of their protests against the Adani mine. Members of the largest, best-organised and most violent political extremist group in Australia organised events aimed at deliberately shutting down major urban centres and the media didn’t even bother to report who they were or the group they belonged to.

The media is lying about Anti Adani extremists
Socialist Alternative banners at a “uni students for climate justice” event in Adelaide

You’re shocked I’m sure. The fact that our trusted journalistic class is lying about Anti Adani extremists will come as a surprise to anyone who has never met any Australian journalists, read any of their work, or who has spent most of the last 20 years on Mars.

In Brisbane the organiser and spokesperson was a woman named Catherine Robertson. Here’s how the media described her: Toby Crockford of the The Brisbane Times called her a “Rally Organiser”. Anna Hartley of the ABC called her an “organiser”. Aiden Wondracz of the Daily mail also stuck to the same script, describing Catherine again as an “Organiser”.

All these outlets and more faithfully reported that the events were organised by “Uni students for climate justice”. Which is exactly what Catherine and her friends would have told them to say. For more on who exactly is behind “Uni students for climate justice” read The Unshackled expose here(you probably won’t be shocked).

The media is lying about Anti Adani extremists
Catherine Robertson of Socialist Alternative addresses an anti Adani crowd in Brisbane.

Catherine Robertson is not simply an “organiser”. She’s an activist for Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist extremist group who want to overthrow the Australian government and implement a totalitarian socialist state. The nature of Ms Robertson’s political beliefs and of the group to which she belongs are not hidden secrets tucked away where no journalist can find them. Even the most cursory of research would tell you that Catherine has been a Socialist Alternative member since at least mid 2017. She was a part of a group of extremists at Monash University in Victoria known for their thuggish and disruptive behaviour both in and out of student union meetings.

The media is lying about Anti Adani extremists
Catherine Robertson of Socialist Alternative. Convenor of “Uni students for climate justice”.

She was also an organiser for the electoral campaign of long time Marxist activist and alleged sex pest Stephen Jolly when he ran for the Victorian upper house last year under the banner of the Socialist Alternative electoral front “Victorian Socialists”. Catherine organised campaign meetings in the inner city suburb of Richmond and even posed with her father Nic Robertson in matching Victorian Socialists T-Shirts. Her father is also involved with Socialist Alternative having designed cover art for the latest edition of their “Red Flag” magazine, a magazine incidentally for which his daughter writes. Catherine recently moved to Queensland where she has been attending QUT and helping to build the Socialist Alternative branch there alongside fellow Socialist Alternative organiser Carl Jackson. Carl is relatively well known for trying to confront Bob Katter at a press conference (Bob was unamused) and for organising mob attacks in Brisbane on both the One Nation AGM and Pauline Hanson’s Senate launch.

Catherine Robertson of Socialist Alternative campaigning with her equally extremist father last year for alleged sex pest socialist Stephen Jolly.

The idea that all this freely available information is somehow unavailable to mainstream journalists is laughable. The idea that a rally was held led by Socialist Alternative activists carrying Socialist Alternative branded banners waving red flags of communism while selling the Socialist Alternative newspaper and that members of the Australian fourth estate somehow missed all this is insane. It’s simply not credible.

On the same night in Sydney a similar rally was held by “Uni Students for climate justice” this time led by Lily Campbell.

The media is lying about Anti Adani extremists
Red flags at last Fridays anti Adani event in Sydney organised by Socialist Alternative front group “Uni students for climate justice”.

Much like his northern colleagues Nick Bonyhady of the Sydney Morning Herald described Ms Campbell as a “Protest organiser” as well. What a nice, neutral, nondescript term.

The media is lying about Anti Adani extremists
More red flags at last Friday night’s anti Adani event.

Ms Campbell is of course another prominent activist and organiser for Socialist Alternative. But don’t take my word for it, ask the ABC. She appeared on Radio National as a representative of Socialist Alternative to argue the case for Marxism.

Lily Campbell appearing on Sky News as a representative of Socialist Alternative.

She also appeared on Sky News arguing for Marxism, argues for Marxism in her articles in the Socialist Alternative newspaper Red Flag and was elected both education officer at the University of Sydney’s student union and National Union of Students NSW Vice president on a Socialist Alternative ticket.

Lily Campbell in the Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn earlier this year canvassing for Socialist Alternative founding member and Industrial organiser Jerome Small who was standing in the federal election for the Socialist Alternative electoral front “Victorian Socialists”.

She was involved along with fellow Socialist Alternative activist Omar Hassan in organising the violent protest that blockaded a speech by dissident feminist Bettina Arndt at USyd that led to the riot squad being called and to the university reluctantly enacting disciplinary action.

Lily Campbell (blonde centre right) joins other Socialist Alternative members in blockading a speech by feminist dissident Bettina Arndt at Sydney University last year.

Lily was also a spokeswoman for the Socialist Alternative led mob that attacked Christine Forster (sister of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott). Lily cheered the crowd as they spat on her, abused her and ripped her jacket off her back. Ms Campbell was also an organiser for the Marxist led campaign against the Ramsay centre establishing a centre for Western Civilisation at USyd.

Christine Forster sister of former prime minister Tony Abbott is attacked by a mob Socialist Alternative activist Lily Campbell helped organise.

She’s even the contact number for the USyd Socialist Alternative Club for crying out loud.

The only way Lily could be a more obvious Communist is if she had a hammer and sickle tattooed in the centre of her forehead.

Again the idea that you can look at the sea of red flags that were being waved at the Sydney protest, the numerous Socialist Alternative banners, the Socialist Alternative speakers and the extremely well known Socialist Alternative media spokeswoman and not think “Hey maybe Socialist Alternative has something to do with this” is incredible. As in the literal sense. As in it is simply not credible.

Either Australian journalists are the laziest, stupidest and most short-sighted creatures on the face of the earth or they are complicit in covering up for these obvious extremists. They aren’t that stupid. They’re lying about Anti Adani extremists.

No they aren’t joking. Socialist Alternative really are old fashioned Communists.

The first line of the Socialist Alternative Statement of Principles says: “We are a Revolutionary Marxist organisation”. There isn’t a lot of room for subtlety here. Socialist Alternative are not normal political actors and shouldn’t be considered within the pale of normal political discourse. They are the most radical political extremists active in our society today. They openly declare that their ultimate intention is to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state in the mould of the early Soviet Union. The people organising “Uni Students for Climate Justice” are not a group of well-meaning hippies in the mould of Bob Brown and his Tasmanian dam protesters in the early 80s; they are dangerous extremists with a history of committing and inciting political violence.

And they are growing.

Time and time again the media covers up for these extremists. This is unacceptable. This needs to end. And It’s up to all of us to scream and shout and spread the word until it does. We need to loudly start asking our media why exactly they keep lying about Anti Adani extremists.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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