Prime Minister Scott Morrison Warns Aussies-Travel Sri Lanka


In the wake of a series of bombs that killed 290 people and injured more than 500 on Easter Sunday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned Australians to reconsider traveling to Sri Lanka.

DFAT has confirmed one Australian was wounded in the attack. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has also stated that there โ€œofficial adviceโ€ is for all Australians that they need to reconsider their need to travel.

Mr. Morrison and Labor leader Bill Shorten have both condemned the attacks, which took place at Christian churches and upmarket hotels across the country.

“Our hearts go out to the brothers and sisters there in Sri Lanka,” Mr Morrison said at a Buddhist temple in Melbourne. “We are full of love because love conquers fear. Love conquers evil. Love is the basis of peace and it’s what binds us all together as an Australian people. “But more broadly, as people from all around the world.”

Mr. Morrison took part in a minute’s silence at the temple in memory of the victims, saying it’s “an incredibly sad day” for Sri Lanka, a country which has been peaceful for a decade after 30 years of civil war.

DFAT has advised anyone with any concerns for the welfare of family and friends to contact its Consular Emergency Centre:

CALL : 1300 555 135 or +61 2 6261 3305.

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