Maria Folau has been attacked by celebrities, corporations and even a bank for refusing to condemn her husband. Australian Netball star Liz Ellis has blasted Netball Australia for not disciplining the Adelaide Firebirds and NZ Silver Ferns star stating that:

“There is no room for homophobia in our game. Anyone who is seen to support or endorse homophobia is not welcome”

Ms Folau of course has made no public statements on homosexuality and merely shared the link to her husband’s now cancelled Gofundme account that he created to raise funds for his legal defence. Apparently “being seen” to endorse her husband’s views by not condemning them is now worthy of public censure.


ANZ bank have also slammed Maria declaring that they had been in touch with her employer at Netball NZ to complain about her not sufficiently distancing herself from her husband. Although they later denied it during the conversation ANZ no doubt pointed out that the bank is the largest sponsor of Netball in New Zealand, and that it would a be a shame if that relationship was in any way impacted going forward. The other major sponsor of Netball in New Zealand the health insurer HCF has also announced that it has also “spoken with” Netball NZ about their unhappiness with Maria Folau refusing to condemn her husband.

This is what I meant when I wrote that people on the broader Right had better wake up and line up behind Israel Folau. Because it doesn’t matter if you agree with him personally or if you like the way in which he has gone about prosecuting his case the leftist establishment doesn’t care. They are setting the precedent that if they disagree with you on anything at any time they can not only have you sacked but that they can then go after your family and your families’ employers as well. Maria Folau has been attacked not for anything she said, but just for her proximity to her husband.

They truly believe themselves to be on the “Right side of history” and if you get in their way they will cancel your bank accounts, get you fired, have you thrown out of your house to be harassed by mobs on the street while they do everything they can to force your wife and children to publicly denounce you and your former friends to spit in your face.

They may sit in bank boardrooms and chair airline shareholder meetings but in philosophy and practice these leftists are the heirs to the Red guards of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That horrific period of history where wrong thinkers were publicly humiliated and forced into displays of grovelling contrition before the entire community as a lesson to any others who might think of deviating from what the establishment had deemed acceptable and what it had not. And of course then and now what was acceptable and what was not is now open to change whenever the establishment desires.

And next time it might be you. If they can destroy the life of a high profile sports star this easily with no consequences what do you think they’ll do to you? Are you so pure in your leftist beliefs that you’re certain nothing you think will ever fall out of fashion? Are you so certain that this now almost all-powerful beast won’t darken your doorstep and ruin your life? Is your family ready to stand by you with the same strength as Maria is for Israel?

The same crowds who welcomed Jesus to the city with palm fronds and Hosannas a short time later were spitting and jeering as he carried the cross. Even if you don’t like the guy carrying the cross right now it’s in your interest and the interests of your family to help him carry it. After all they’ve got a lot more crosses where that one came from, and the next one might be for you.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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