Fraser Anning Introduces Party Candidates at Gatton BBQ in QLD


Senator Fraser Anning introduced a number of candidates today for his Conservative National Party at a TBC hosted BBQ in Gatton.

Paul Taylor for the Queensland Senate, Darren Christiansen for Maranoa, Rod Smith for Wright, Perry Ardelius for Groom and Peter Fitzpatrick for Blair all gave speeches to a crowd of 150-200 local supporters and mainstream media.

Matthew Tomlinson the Katter Australia Party candidate for Wright, Clem Wheatley the Shooters Fishers and Farmers party president, Sandy Turner the independent for Blair, Ian Nelson the Great Australia Party president and Jim Savage the QLD spokesperson for True Blue Crew all delivered speeches to the audience.

One of the key messages was that right wing conservative parties need to stop doing damage to one another and to support each other in order to counteract both the biased left wing mainstream media and treasonous alliance of the Greens, Labor and Liberal National parties.

Fraser Anning 2

Mainstream news media from the Courier Mail and Channel 9 were present, no doubt keen for there to be altercations which they could then use to smear Senator Fraser Anning. There were none.

TBC has come under fire from ABC background briefing after it was alleged that Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant had made a number of comments on TBC facebook pages. ABC have provided no screenshots but insist the metadata they have corroborates this story.

In contrast to the vicious picture painted by the MSM, The BBQ was friendly, family oriented and included a mixture of people. Including Indigenous, Papuan and Chinese people, including former Queensland state election candidate and World Harmony Day organiser Shan Ju Lin.

More coverage including footage will be published shortly.

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