Despot Dan’s Stalinist decision to censor fairy tales reeks of left-wing authoritarianism


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has taken another diabolical step towards brainwashing the state’s children with more degeneracy and corrupt left-wing ideas. This time it’s through the use of the Respectful Relationships program to wage war on fairy tales that portray traditional gender roles, which he deems are “sexist”. This is something you would expect from Communist dictators like Stalin and Mao, a localised left-wing cultural revolution that is less violent on the outside, but just as subversive and harmful on the inside. This is not political correctness, this is cultural Marxism.

It was 41 years ago when Mao Zedong began the Cultural Revolution in China, where elements of Chinese culture representing tradition, the monarchy, and capitalism were destroyed in a bloody and violent event lasting more than a decade. In essence, this is what’s happening currently in Victoria: elements of Western culture representing tradition and the ‘Patriarchy’ are being wiped out by a quasi-Communist dictator in a stealthy yet non-violent manner. Just as Mao, and Stalin before him, aimed at brainwashing children to fit their political agenda, Daniel Andrews is conditioning the minds of our children to suit his needs.

Andrews’ actions are in complete violation of the natural order. Our children are being encouraged to adopt ideas and make decisions they will ultimately regret in the future. He is destroying masculinity by portraying males as violent predators in need of feminisation. He is destroying femininity by equating it with fear and victimhood, despite the fact that fairy tales commit nothing of the sort. This stems from programs like Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships, which prevents boys and girls playing with their own gender and discourages boys from being dominant and athletic.

Apparently, “gender stereotypes” in fairy tales leads to a “sense of entitlement in boys and lower self-esteem in girls”. You can blame feminism for that. Feminism, especially it’s so-called ‘third-wave’ edition, has been instrumental in misrepresenting traditional gender roles as a form of Patriarchal oppression that renders women as inferior to men. It’s also bullied many men into thinking that they’re violent rapists who need to mind their privilege. The propagation of such misunderstood and completely inaccurate ideas will obviously lead to unwanted insecurities among both genders, harming their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Nature’s roles in assigning gender roles to all living beings in order to encourage balance and order are being molested. It only serves to confuse our children and bring them misery in the future. Imagine a boy who’s encouraged to be feminine in order to prevent him from pursuing a path of toxic masculinity. Now imagine him, as a result, questioning his gender and believing he doesn’t belong in a male body. And now imagine the regret and trauma he will experience once he realises he made a misinformed decision due to being confused. This will be the scenario many of our children will experience if we break down traditional perceptions of gender.

All this leads to is a weak nation. Feminised males will not be able to protect a nation from forces of destruction originating from both outside and inside the nation. It will place feelings over logic, and this will have disastrous effects. The irrational aspects of human imagination will cloud our people’s judgement, encouraging them to opt for an abortion and a dog, or a sex change, instead of reproducing and keeping our nation alive. Being gender fluid and injecting yourself with oestrogen will distract our boys from realising the beauty and glory of being male. Immorality and degeneracy will reign over us all.

But one group of people within our society will reap its benefits. This is the group of people who began the push to teach our children sex education and harmful ideas in the first place. This is the group of people who aimed at subverting the culture and heritage of the Western world in order to install Communism into our society. The cultural Marxists, who have attempted to infiltrate the cultural foundations of Western Christian nations for decades, will be jumping for joy once their labours have paid off, once our society is in the perfect degenerate position to accept Communism.

It all started with a subversive desire to censor out “homophobia” or “sexist” fairy tales, and through a domino-like effect, it will lead to a Communist-style authoritarian state. This is cultural Marxism, and this is the cultural-Marxist’s goal. Little by little, the plan will expand. The fate of the tens of millions who suffered in Russia and China will be ours if we allow the Marxists to destroy our values and our history. You may dismiss this as an empty conspiracy, but at least know that our children’s future is at risk thanks to harmful ideas being fed into their system. And remember, great kingdoms and empires like that of the Egyptians and the Romans met their doom thanks to degenerate mindsets, a decline in masculinity, and other acts that today epitomises the left.



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