Aussie patriots march unopposed through Penrith


This last Saturday members of the True Blue Crew marched unopposed through Penrith in western Sydney. Despite a hysterical campaign against it by sections of the media the group’s annual “Aussie Pride March” went off without the violence that marred the equivalent event in Melbourne last year, almost entirely due to the fact that no members of the extreme left showed up. While it may surprise some members of the Australian media when no Anarchists or Marxists show up to attack a right wing event the usual over the top police presence proves entirely unnecessary.


NSW police were forced to deploy dozens of officers including elements of the riot squad to patrol an entirely peaceful meeting of activists waving Australian flags. Without the continued threats of violence by the left wing extremist elements responsible for almost all political violence in Australia taxpayers would not have to fork out the overtime pay to protect an entirely uncontroversial event. Nobody finds the Australian flag or Aussie pride to be offensive in Penrith or for that matter in the vast majority of the rest of suburban and regional Australia.

Spokesman for the True Blue crew Mitch Van Dam was delighted with the peaceful outcome praising in particular the speech by Melbourne activist Ricky Turner and the return of many familiar faces.

Van Dam went on to state that:


“It has been a very testing year for patriots with death threats, intimidation such as family member’s home addresses published online and our kids photos sent to pedophile websites by leftists. This was an Aussie pride march, a celebration of our national identity and our flag. The media portrayed it as something completely different and brought up the Christchurch massacre that had nothing to do with today’s event whatsoever. It goes to show how desperate the establishment is trying to shut us down. We will march again next year and will continue to do so every year following.”

If Saturday’s event has proven anything it’s that in nearly all cases no violence happens at political events in Australia when the far left extremists stay away. The media deliberately ignores this fact because of their ideological sympathies, perhaps the police forces of Australia should wake up.

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