This morning anti Adani extremists led by members of the Marxist group Socialist Alternative blocked peak hour traffic in Brisbane. Amongst them were well-known Socialist Alternative activists Carl Jackson and Catherine Robertson, who were carrying a large banner with “Socialist Alternative” in huge letters across it and were waving copies of the Socialist Alternative newspaper “Red Flag”.

anti Adani extremists in brisbane
Catherine Robertson of Socialist Alternative leads a blockade of Brisbane traffic this morning.

The media described them as “anti-Adani activists”.

anti Adani extremists show their colours
Carl Jackson (centre, grey shirt) holds a Socialist Alternative banner this morning in Brisbane.

Imagine if a right wing figure such as Blair Cottrell or Neil Erikson had blocked traffic to try and draw attention to the plight of Australian farmers stricken by drought. I’m pretty sure the media wouldn’t have described them as “pro-farmer activists”. Socialist Alternative are far more extreme than Cottrell or Erikson have ever been yet our fourth estate continues to cover up for them.

Carl Jackson leader of the anti Adani extremists
Carl Jackson of Socialist Alternative addresses the crowd at a “Uni students for climate justice” event earlier this month.

There was copious news coverage from clearly excited reporters from various television channels that zoomed directly in on the banner, the newspaper and the faces of the activists. Anyone with working eyes would have been able to tell which organisation they were representing.

Yet from the media? Nothing.

Catherine Robertson (far right) and Carl Jackson (third from right) with their comrades from Brisbane Socialist Alternative.

Which is why it needs to be stated over and over again. Why it needs to be screamed from the rooftops. Socialist Alternative are a Marxist group of the Trotskyist tradition. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state. The first line of their Statement of Principles says: “We are a Revolutionary Marxist organisation”. There isn’t a lot of room for subtlety here. They aren’t trying to hide what they are. Socialist Alternative are not normal political actors and they shouldn’t be considered within the pale of normal political discourse.

Catherine Robertson campaigning for the Socialist Alternative electoral front group “Victorian Socialists” last year with her father Nic.

It’s understandable that some sections of the press have focused on the “Extinction Rebellion” acrivists especially as one of them has two amazingly hot international models for sisters. But the ER group has never managed to put more than a couple of dozen people in the street in any one place in Australia. Socialist Alternative under the guise of their front group “Uni students for climate justice” have attracted up to a thousand people to their rallies and have been able to hold well attended events in almost every capital city. It’s clear to any fair minded observer who the monkeys and who the organ grinders are here.

anti Adani extremists in Adelaide
The Socialist Alternative name is everywhere at these events, but the media doesn’t want to know.

Until our media calls these anti Adani extremists out for what they are, until they’re pulled out from underneath their rock and bathed in the disinfecting rays of open scrutiny they will continue to grow stronger.

And that should scare all of us. Regardless of your feelings about one more coal mine in Queensland.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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