Afghan-born teenager who sexually assaulted women and girls in beach escapes conviction


A teenager born and raised in Afghanistan has escaped conviction for nine counts of sexual assault in the Gold Coast. Currently living in Victoria, the teenager groped and touched women and young girls who were wearing bikinis, sometimes underneath the clothing. This is the latest of multiple examples where culturally-incompatible migrants have raped or sexually assaulted women.

The judge did not convict the teenager, who pleaded guilty, simply because he was raised in a different culture where seeing women in bikinis is unheard-of. The court has essentially placed the rights and safety of domestic women beneath the feelings of a sex offender. Most mainstream media sources have failed to give any attention to this appalling crime.

Interestingly, a Woman’s March was not seen today in Brisbane in support of women’s rights that were violated in a most appalling manner. This simply shows that the feminists and women’s rights activists are not concerned with issues that matter, and instead, ironically march against political figures who are actively trying to protect women from suffering under the hands of migrants.

The judge should be expected to punish the teenager with juvenile detention at least, yet has taken into account the fact that he was raised in a different culture in order to place him in two-years probation instead. He was also placed in a “positive sexuality” course.

This is simply another example of a soft use of the law in the name of political correctness. A teenager who committed serious crimes has escaped any real punishment due to his cultural background. This not only fails to give justice to the victims, but it sets a dangerous precedent that will result in a slippery slope by influencing similar cases in the future.

It was only last week that a Muslim man in Victoria pleaded guilty to marrying a fourteen-year-old girl, including consummating the marriage following the wedding. Last year, child bride cases in Australia doubled. These are normal Muslims, and these are just a few cases. How many more examples do our politicians want in order to actually do something about migrants who violate our rights, assault our women and abuse our children?

This is exactly why many on the right, including Senator Pauline Hanson, have repeatedly called for a Muslim immigration ban. It is now blatantly evident that many Muslims are incompatible with Western culture, as the judge indirectly admitted by citing the teenager’s cultural background as a reason for his actions. The risks posed by Islamic migrants due to an inability to properly vet them calls for an Islamic migration ban, without which similar crimes will be committed throughout the country. But what was Malcolm Turnbull’s solution? To have a citizenship test for migrants, who can obviously be dishonest when answering the questions.

Islamic refugees in Europe are already wreaking havoc in various countries due to their incompatibility with the local culture. Muslims in France, Germany and Sweden are forming ghettos that become no-go-zones, commit mass rapes of women, start riots and create an unstable environment. Australia has not seen this to such an extent thanks to strong border controls, yet even with such controls in place Muslim migrants continue to commit appalling acts in this country.

It is too risky to continue accepting Islamic refugees. It leads to crimes that can be avoided if migration was restricted to non-Muslims, encourages more political correctness that allows them to escape punishment, and thus effectively gives them the green light to more crime and sexual assault. It is time for the Australian people to be even more vocal regarding a Muslim ban, and it’s time to start supporting politicians who will ensure such measures are carried out. Otherwise, the safety of our people, especially that of our women and children, are in dire straits.

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