ALERT: Government LGBT Community Chaos – Right Wing Hijacks Symbol


Governments worldwide and the LGBTQ community have been left
completely stunned as the rainbow flag, which historically has commonly been known
as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, as symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements, has been hijacked this
week by the right wing in a dramatic move.

Most of the alt-right leaders have already fully embraced the move releasing this on some “official” outlets. in the darker regions of the internet fourm world.

They have been sharing this meme as a demonstration to inform their followers of the meaning:


 To note, investigation
has revealed that the larger right-wing community is now beginning to use the
image in irony, or indeed in support of these new values. Some left winners have
been quick to denounce the rainbow flag as a “hate symbol”. Others are upset
that their symbol is being involved in a debate at all.  

Governments and senators worldwide are still reacting to the move. Here are some prominent examples of what some are calling “state sponsored hate”.

This comes in the wake of the #ClownGate, where Pepe the Frog has now become a clown and the new symbol of the emerging policial right wing.

Pepe the Frog Clown

As of writing Sarah Hanson-Young 💚Verified account @sarahinthesen8 is still promoting this “hate symbol”.


There are many other examples which are now being called into question.

The ACT Government is left questioning what to do with this state-funded roundabout you can find in Canberra.


The “Australian Pride
has yet to take action on the latest developments.

There are also a host of government’s and organization that are yet to react to these developments.

If you see the rainbow flag on any official logo, it’s your civic duty to call, text, email or otherwise contact that organization to ask for clarification on this issue.

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