Thousands Turn Up To Watch Tommy Robinson’s Panodrama Documentary Exposing the BBC


EIGHT thousand working-class Brits rocked up outside the BBC’s Salford HQ at MediaCity yesterday, to watch an expose on the taxpayer-funded corporation by right-wing activist, Tommy Robinson.

kind of event usually gets ignored by the mainstream media but taking
place just yards away from the BBC’s and ITV studios – Britain’s media
charlatans where forced to report on the event.


Manchester Police estimated that around 4,000 people turned out, event
organisers claim far more but a rival far-left AntiFa event against
Tommy and the so-called ‘Far Right’ saw just 500 turn up, as they
chanted ‘Nazi Scum of our Streets’ along with other slurs against a
united group of everyday working-class men, women and children.


The event passed off peacefully with few major outbreaks of violence, the 4,000 strong crowds listened to speeches from UKIP leader Gerard Batten, Aussie activist Avi Yemeni and Rebel media’s Ezra Levant before the premiere of Tommy’s groundbreaking documentary that finally exposed the BBC and Hope Not Hate for what they are. Leftist Fake News.

Gerard Batten told the rally that Tommy “speaks up for things that are
right, he tells the truth and he can mobilise lots of people like you,
and that’s what they fear”.

The main focus of the event was the blockbuster expose on the BBC’s Panorama documentary strand, that has been working to ‘bring down Tommy Robinson.’ but only brought down trust in the BBC, as evidence was shown that revealed members from Hope Not Hate urging a former Tommy Robinson employee to ‘create incriminating fake texts from Tommy’ to be used in the BBC documentary on the activist.

The Panodrama documentary can now viewed by everyone for free on Tommy’s YouTube channel

Despite the BBC’s promise that its long-running Panorama strand would follow the BBC’s “strict editorial guidelines”, Mr Robinson along with the help of former employees exposed Panorama’s journalist John Sweeney, as he attempted to create false narratives and used racial, homophobic and anti-working class slurs and fleeced taxpayers of their Licence Fee cash with lavish lunches.

Sweeney along with Hope Not Hate allegedly tried to force
an ex-employee of Robinson to allege ‘Harvey Weinstein Style’ sexual
abuse, all of the fake news was caught by undercover cameras.

Sweeney is also revealed that one of his political heroes was the former head of the IRA terror group, Martin McGuinness.


The BBC said in response to the expose: “The BBC strongly rejects any suggestion that our journalism is ‘faked’ or biased.”

“Any programme we broadcast will adhere to the BBC’s strict editorial guidelines.”

“Some of the footage which has been released was recorded without our knowledge during this investigation and John Sweeney made some offensive and inappropriate remarks, for which he apologises. BBC Panorama’s investigation will continue.”

Jordan James is an Editor at Politicalite, The Unshackled’s UK affiliate where this article originally appeared.