Nationalist Figures Draw Large Crowd to Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach

The St Kilda rally came as a response to the spike in violent gang crime across Melbourne. The mainstream media chose to push a fake news narrative.

St Kilda Political Meeting

500 people gathered today at St Kilda Beach to attend the “Political Meeting” over African Crime that has again swept Melbourne this summer.

It was organised by patriot activist Neil Erikson who chose St Kilda as the location after a series of violent incidents occurred at the beach, as well as one involving Erikson himself last Friday night by youths described of being of African appearance.

Neil Erikson and Ricky Turner at St Kilda Beach Friday 29th December 2018

The meeting at St Kilda was supported by fellow patriot activist and colleague from the United Patriots Front Blair Cottrell, who was the event’s main speaker. Also speaking was Ricky Turner of Cooks Convicts, Kane Miller of the True Blue Crew and Senator Fraser Anning, who had flown down from Queensland in support of the event.

The event kicked off with a speech from Blair Cottrell in which he blamed governments and a complicit media for “forcing multiculturalism and migration” on the Australian people, implying that it is not necessarily the fault of the African community but the government for making people live with groups they will inevitably clash with.

Spotted among the counter-protesters: The same banner inciting violence that was brandished by the cowards who assaulted our reporter Martin Hartwig in Brisbane July 29 2018

Neil Erikson then spoke explaining the opposition they faced when organising the meeting, including having multiple Facebook accounts banned for sharing news articles and when trying to advertise the event.

Members of the Vietnamese community were also present in support following the brawl in St Albans that occurred just before Christmas where Vietnamese shopkeepers fought back against Sudanese youths who had been robbing their stores and terrorising their customers. Victoria Police later confirmed that these youths in St Albans were part of the new crime gang the Blood Drill Killers.

There were no violent incidents at the meeting itself, however after its conclusion attendees had to walk past a collection of Antifa aligned counter protesters who had set up close to the carpark, intending to cause as much disruption as possible. Police rushed to keep both sides from clashing and ended up boxing the Antifa protesters in as angered patriots tried to get around the police line.

Police made threats with pepper spray, rifles loaded with bean bags and horses to both sides, but it was clear that they were more worried about the patriots who outnumbered the protesters and were eager to give Antifa some verbal sprays over their poor numbers. Members of the local African community were barely present.

Police moved the Antifa crowd towards a tram stop opposite the entrance to Lunar Park where they were able to disperse as Neil Erikson and Ricky Turner made another round of speeches, rallying patriots against their Marxist opposition.

After the Antifa protesters crowd thinned the attendees dispersed. Two helicopters, likely to be police operated hovered above.

The crowd drawn today has been far larger than any nationalist event that we saw last year, despite the event’s short notice and the efforts by the police, the media, Facebook and the government to either prevent it from happening or gaining any traction it was a successful meeting, largely peaceful as promised and reinvigorated the local nationalist movement.

The Unshackled will have further video highlights from today’s meeting released soon. We will of course counter any fake news that emerges from the mainstream media about today’s events.

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