Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party SURGE! May’s Conservative Party brink of collapse


SURGE SURGE SUGRE! Brexit Party is the only party worth mentioning in the UK right now, and it’s got Europe running scared. As you can see HERE, The Unshackled has been reporting on the dramatic surge and huge fret felt in Europe. Nigel Farage has got the establishment running scared, and it’s the Brexit Party that is doing it.

Theresa May’s Conservative Party is on the brink of collapse. And that’s being underreported. European Parliament elections are racing upon us as quickly as May 23rd, and poll after poll has been putting the former UKIP leader’s new Brexit Party in front of Labour and the Conservatives.

EU Chief Guy Verhofstadt said during an EU parliamentary hearing:

“Maybe the only thing that can save us is Nigel Farage now. He’s already campaigning with the Brexit party catching up the Conservatives in the polls, and the old parties risk to be wiped out during the election. My advice is if they are not stupid, both parties, they’ll make a cross-party deal immediately in the coming days to avoid this imminent disaster.”

MPs including the Tories are wary of an undemocratic second referendum. Support from Parliamentary elites has only grown in recent months because they feel confident that Remain would come out on top with some of the later disturbances being blamed on “Brexit chaos”.

Why is the Brexit Party so important suddenly? Because the Brexit Party is a force that will be able to have not only mass appeal in general sense, which will push Brexit ideas back into the political conversation, but it’s a party that could become one of the Big Three in the general elections.  

The EU is running scared. Westminster is running scared. Labour and the Conservative Party is running scared. This is a truly epic time in Great Britain’s history!


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