Daniel Andrews Funds Gay Gaming App

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Australia’s most regressive leader Daniel Andrews’ never ceases to amaze with the social engineering programs and projects he funds, meanwhile leaving the actual business of running the state far behind. But this time he may have outdone himself yesterday announcing that his government would be funding an absurd LGBT project.

Andrews eagerly announcing that his government would be commissioning the creation of gaming app which will have the player in the role of an LGBT person facing perceived homophobia. Think of it as a mobile version of his government’s Safe Schools program, it already has young students role playing being in same sex relationships, now Andrews wants young people to role play being gay on their smartphones.

The gaming app will be developed in partnership with Victoria University and the Victorian AIDS Council, which despite its name that gives the impression it is about sexual health is just another LGBT lobby group. Their homepage immediately asks people to support marriage equality and the focus of its activities is clearly geared towards the LGBT agenda.

The way this gaming app is funded is that the Andrews Government has a Combatting Homophobia initiative. It is a joint program through the state governments arts funding program Creative Victoria and the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Equality Branch. This elaborate funding approach gives you an idea of the layers of bureaucracy in place to fund such an obscene project.

This app should be viewed as insult to the intelligence of Victorians that their government views them apparently as so hateful and bigoted to gay people that they need a government funded gaming app to counter their ingrained homophobia. Most ordinary people when learning about the existence of such app will most likely laugh at its absurdity, that is until they find out they paid for it.

This gaming app will apparently be released in late 2018 which interestingly enough is just in time for the Victorian State Election. Hopefully its release will be a reminder to voters that for the past 4 years they have had a Premier who is more interested in virtue signalling on social justice issues, at the taxpayers’ expense of course, rather than delivering infrastructure for Victoria or controlling Melbourne’s crime wave.

Let’s also hope that Victoria soon has a government which will end this gravy train of funding for vanity projects, indulgences in identity politics and social justice madness. This will have the double effect of saving Victorians some money and getting government’s focus back where it should be.

  • Danny Stevens

    My Grandfather would be turning in his grave now! He was a devoted Labor Supporter, why because once upon a time ago they supported the down trodden worker, the battler and the outcasts. He’s devotion propelled me into helping the Labor party every year that a election was held, to stand out front, coping abuse and ridicule while handing out how to vote cards for this once proud party. Alas times have changed and the Labor Party of today is nothing but a prostitute for any Minority Group that is hell bent on destroying our way of life. They have sold their souls for a pocket full of dollars, and are more of a threat to the Australian way of life than any terrorist group could ever be. They are hell bent on changing our kids into gender neutral beings, priming them for the pedophiles that seem to be sitting in the background forcing these changes. We as Australians need to stand up to these parasites and scream NO MORE, we have had enough! After all they were elected by us to protect and serve us, not the other way around. I believe that the Australian Labor Party is now the new Anti Social Communist Party, and we as Australians need to open our eye’s and look at every so called Political Party suppose to be representing us with the true disdain that they show us.

  • Maree Elizabeth

    my Dad would be turning in his grave too and he was a union man

    • Brian East

      I’m turning now Maree, and I’m not in the grave yet”