The Mob and The Unvaccinated


First, they came for the unvaccinated is frighteningly becoming closer to reality. The foundations are very much being laid to destroy freedoms, liberties, free speech, and the lives of many millions. The government does not have consent to keep people away from their families as they are doing now throughout New South Wales and other Australian jurisdictions.

The government criminalizes people going outside five kilometers from their homes, the government has set up checkpoints on our roads. The government is encouraging people to dob in their neighbors. The government is saying who is a good person and who is a bad person. The bad person is one who defies their orders and dares question anything. Flying police helicopters over suburbs and deploying riot squads with military personnel is supposedly for your safety and keeping you safe and you must accept this sanitary dictatorship. For your safety of course.

When people are gripped by fear, people’s rational and cognitive capacities get shut down. They are then easier to manipulate and control. The ruling classes have continually and intentionally evoked fear for their means of control.

Oppressive governments always portray themselves as the only ones able to protect the population. Their whole aim is to keep the populace alarmed and menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary (H.L Mencken). People have submitted to the authority in order to feel safe. The heinous regimes of the twentieth century always destroyed freedoms with incremental steps until all your freedoms were eradicated. 

The Covid game is permanent, folks. They are not going to flatten any curve. They are going to flatten your life with endless lockdowns, more vaccines, more variants, more laws, more restrictions, more deprivations of liberty. This is 1938 Germany in real-time. This is only the beginning.  We will need papers to enter restaurants,  bars, sporting events, concerts, hold down a job, and enter a supermarket. This is about vaccine mandates. Businesses that serve the unvaccinated or who go against government directives will be prosecuted.

Don’t believe me? It is happening in Europe now in France and Lithuania.  It is also occurring in New York City and the black Americans are the most disproportionately impacted as most black Americans in New York City have not taken a Covid vaccine. Businesses are told who they can serve and who they cannot serve. The government has the power to shut your business if you dare serve an unvaccinated person. 

So segregation returns in 2021. Stars on clothing are coming but in the form of digital identification.  If you don’t have the digital identification vaccine pass, no activities for you. The unvaccinated are considered subhuman, the dirties that society must restrict, ostracise, abuse, ridicule and smear.

Twitter will not take down posts calling for the unvaxxed to be rounded up and put into prisons. David Koch (Sunrise 7 Network) said he has no issues with Covid passes at football matches, segregation in 2021 by a supposedly diverse and inclusive AFL. This is driven also by governments who receives heavy big pharma donations and the media which is also big pharma funded. Kyle Sandilands said the army should go around forcibly vaccinating people.

What will come later when the booster vaccines come in? Will the triple injected then turn on the double injected? Of course they will. Those double injected are putting us at risk and they are dirty and it is all their fault. Never mind that Covid has a 99.8% recovery rate. Those double jabbed, it is their fault. They are subhuman and a huge threat. 

Door-to-door intimidation is added to the mix. Are lists going to be made up? Lists sound awfully familiar. There were always lists last century of people who then went into camps, lists of those sent to reeducation centers, lists of those who were enemies of the state. So first the unvaccinated are targetted.  The question is who will be next? The minions and all those supporting this will be in for a rude awakening when they realize they are next on the list. 

The fear operating in the ostracism of the unvaxxed is often not fear of disease but the fear is social contagion. It is fear of mixing with the heretics. The scapegoats are not guilty but they are an outlet for deep social tension and then hatred is released. The scapegoats are not guilty but are marginal, outcasts and infidels. The sacrificial objects throughout history carry an association of pollution, germs or contamination.

The program of mainstream media calling unvaccinated Petri dishes, filth, and subhuman is well underway. The unvaccinated are viewed as contaminating the sacred vaccinated. Mask mandates for children is also teaching children to view others as dirty and is psychological abuse. It means adults who muzzle children have lost their rationality. Fear is the pandemic.

The greater good mentality under various regimes was also garbed in the white coat of science. Those who refuse the common good are shirking their civic duties and are a threat to the body politic.  The unvaccinated are made into a pariah subclass and to mix with the uncool is dissident behavior. Association with dissidents in Soviet times got you sent to the gulag. 

Membership with a pariah subclass for many their gut instinct says no and they fear ridicule and rejection by the mob. The consequences of apostasy are ex-communication, ridicule in the media and public shaming. Now governments across a lot of the world are forcing businesses to only serve the vaccinated. Serving the unvaccinated carries with it a risk of a fine. The people who call themselves tolerant, inclusive and who say they love diversity are now asking for people’s papers and are segregating citizens like in the Jim Crow era. 

The now double vaxxed in short time will be the new unvaxxed. Isreal is already rolling out the third shot and saying you are unvaccinated if you have only had 2. You are now at risk. 

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