Education in Australia has been totally captured by the left. Children are now drafted by teachers as activists for various social causes. This continues on to universities where you will be hard-pressed to find a view which does not align with the left progressive one. This has resulted in decades of Australian education failure.

Teachers en-masse deliver pre-packaged lessons at schools approved by their leftist overlords who run the curriculum and the Australian Education Union.

Of course, the latest thought bubble by a left academic will be thrown into the mix. This will ensure his or her resume is beefed up and more research funds are forthcoming. Just pity the children who will be subjected to more politically correct sludge and very likely from someone who has been at a university all their life. But they know best.

For the past several decades, teachers have come out of universities less knowledgeable than when they entered. Universities scrap the bottom of the barrel for entrants to fill up more seats. They are as effective as a low-cost airline in doing that. And we know that foreign students are great cash cows ready to be milked.

Modern Schooling

The dumbing down of teachers has been a huge success and they just pass on their learned ideology to the little ones. To teach the next generation students can be accepted into eduction degrees with ATAR’s below 70 and beyond.

A normal day in Australia’s education system is a joyless politically correct sludge. Racism, bullying, diversity, gender fluidity,  Marx 101, white privilege and dot paintings are as good as the Dutch masters pass for a learning day. Throw in anti-capitalism, socialism is great, sustainability and climate catastrophism.

Less time is spent on education than getting to and from school. The rest of the time is PC claptrap by teachers who are little more than government leftist social and cultural warriors.

Do not forget we have 1 in 6 children with some form of learning difficulty. These children are on modified programs. It keeps the psychobabblers happy. There are legitimate disorders but we have now invented so many that simply not liking to do what you are told is now on the list of them.

Some legitimate disorders with extreme behaviors are thrust into a classroom and the others must just tolerate it. Part if the diversity and learning experience you see. Even though that child we all know will never amount to anything but he or she has a right to terrorize others. And how dare you complain.

Marxism in our Schools

Safe Schools is poststructuralist Marxism. End of story. It is an ideology that gender is fluid,  boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Women are viewed as stuck in the partriarchy.

This post-structuralism was from an ideology of French philosopher Michael Foucault (1926-84). His philosophy inspired the Safe Schools’ founders and Respectful Relationships. The authors of these programs declare their commitment to Marxism and make no secret of it. We see them marching at socialist rallies and attend Marxist conferences.

The left and the Australian Education Union loved Gough Whitlam and still speak of him as a hero. Free universities that are churning out an assembly line of graduates with grave intolerance is no winner. Hordes of  bums on seats doing fluffery is no way to build a nation.

Students leave education sprouting useless theories. Most students believe in socialism and are in the front lines of the social justice warrior movement.  Antifa are also the result of our disastrous education system. The education system has been subverted with endless anti-Western and anti-capitalist ideology. 

The education resource websites children use are often of green lobbyists, Marxists,  Greenpeace, the ABC, and the Clean Energy Council.  Feminist writers feature too trying to find relevance. They now talk of toxic masculinity,  the patriarchy being worse than ever and men cannot be trusted because they are rapists.

Australia is, of course, a racist country, the land was invaded and Australia is committing gross human rights abuses. The stolen generation is a fact of course and to say it is not a fact is horrible heresy.  The Australian Defence Force is racist and sexist and we must not forget our racist police.

Talking about human rights,  refugees, invasion day, gender and so on tick the critical thinking boxes. Get a boy to play with dolls and a girl to play with trucks and you have kept the Safe Schools Coalition happy.

Genderless Education

The Respectful Relationships program teaches that masculinity is bad and toxic. Masculinity must be squashed. And who better to teach it than the angry feminists. They castigate men as barriers to progress and their idea is to train boys not to be men, but effeminate.  Boys should be feminized. 

But men want to be men. Most boys evince healthy masculinity. Boys want to protect others, want to be strong and brave. The feminists say no. For a male to protect his family,  his siblings, or a man protecting his wife, the feminists say no. These things are called building. Feminists care nothing of the dissolution of families. In fact, they infantilise them. Their idea is also children are no longer brother or sister but child 1 or 2. Parents are parent A or B.

We see at schools that there is zero tolerance for masculinity.  Male teachers are a rarity, too. Any slight masculine play is frowned upon. Play must be entirely peaceful. Normal physical prowess or assertiveness on the sporting field or playground is a no no. Instead of children being resilient and brave, we say any assertiveness is bad.

Instead, we promote safe spaces and trigger warnings and invent things to be offended about. People are encouraged to respond heavily to the slightest offense. They then plead their case they have been victimized.  Often they have zero incentive to mature.

Effect of Education Standards

After immersing yourself on what passes as the curriculum and culture in our schools you gain a good idea of why children are underperforming in maths, reading, science and writing. The 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report showed Australians students ranking in all basic educational areas plummeting despite our nation’s wealth and investment in education.

There should be a culture in our society that rewards excellence, hard work, and thrift.  Australian public education dies none of that. Money is not an issue.

New reforms or ideas are thought up every year. Then follows rinse and repeat.  Demands for more money will follow. Endless reforms and thought-bubbles. Thought- bubbles are mostly from academics who have lived their lives at university.

Exodus to Homeschooling

Homeschooling will continue to gain more support. Some parents are realizing government monopolies on education is not a good thing. They realise they are run by bureaucrats and the curriculum stresses left activism.

They know state education is drawn by compulsion and parents have no input and your judgment is deemed irrelevant. Educators are compelled to teach the ideological demands of the AEU or activists. But often the teachers are very content to draft children to the progressive cause.

Incompetent teachers continue to teach. Our classrooms are some of the most unruly in the world. Standardized content and groupthink rule. Crush any dissent and the only views are left/green. A monopoly on education is the worst kind.

Streamlined education where political education comes first and unnecessary capitalist skills like banking, maths, entrepreneurship, competition are eradicated.  Competition is frowned upon in the public system and the very lack of competition and rigor is one of the major problems. If the decades of Australian education failure are to be reversed we must address this.

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