The Unshackled Waves Ep. 259 Jeffrey Epstein Dead

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A special live episode where I comment on everything we know so far on the death of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. It has been the news of the world this past 24 hours with nobody believing he committed suicide, instead murdered by those with a lot to lose if he ever revealed his co-conspirators.

Attention online immediately turned to the Clintons with the Clinton Body Count trending on Twitter. So many of the Clinton’s associates who have had incriminating evidence on them over the year have mysteriously died. Social media sites have been slowly cleansing their platforms of any chatter about this.

With the public all too aware about Epstein’s child sex trafficking and the light sentence he was given in 2008 the elites now know the game is up. Prominent politicians have called for official investigations and inquiries into how someone apparently on suicide watch can commit suicide and how the CCTV can allegedly malfunction.

With the power of the internet allowing people to investigate public matters themselves the mainstream media has lost control of the news cycle. Hence why they now claim that alleged conspiracy theories are a terrorist treat. But the masses can no longer be programmed.

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