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The video version of this episode was banned from YouTube for hate speech but is still available on free speech video hosting website BitChute.

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After recently chatting with Australia’s most high profile patriot activist Blair Cottrell I sit down with another high profile patriot and renowned serial pest Neil Erikson to discuss his recent activism, online activity and legal battles.

We look at his recent street stunts such as storming the Gosford Anglican Church of progressive Priest Fr Rod Bower for which there is an arrest warrant out for him, his detainment at the African media coverage and slutwalk protests, his arrest at the Nigel Farage event and ejection from the Lauren Southern event, and his gatecrashing of a Jodi Lee live cross and at an African cultural festival.

We discuss Neil’s organisation of the St Kilda Beach Political Meeting over African crime and I debate him over his views on African immigration. We then look at his social media bans post the meeting after he attempted to relaunch the United Patriots Front. He has now moved to Gab and YouTube to reach his followers.

Neil explains his support for Senator Fraser Anning and his dealings with EggBoy at the Melbourne meeting of his party, also what his thoughts are post the Christchurch massacre and the consequences of killer Brenton Tarant’s actions.

Neil responds to Bill Shorten calling him a neo-Nazi and when asked about Scott Morrison’s condemnation of Anning makes some explosive unverified allegations against the Liberal Party and urges people to vote for minor parties.

We finish by discussing Neil’s current legal case over the clash at the Milo Yiannopoulos Melbourne event in December 2017 and his thoughts on Milo now being banned from re-entering Australia.

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