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The State of the Battle

The Unshackled was founded in September 2016. Experience the journey from the beginning including some of our victories and and battles we are still facing.
Call to Action
The fightback against the regressive left is in full swing and we have gained siginificant ground. However the left still hold the reigns of power. Inform yourself about the road ahead and learn about how you can take action.
Battleground Covered
Western civilization is being attacked on many fronts. The battlefields covered in this book are free speech, indentity politics and the regressive left, immigration and Islam, economics, politics and current affiars, the Trump Revolution, the fate of Europe and new media.
Inform. Relfect. Take Action.
The Unshackled Battlefield is not simply a book to inform, but is designed to encourage reflection about what type of future you want for western civilization, as well as encouraging you to take action.
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