The Unshackled Waves Ep. 119 Shithole Countries, Trump’s London Trip and Mexico

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No sooner had we recorded last week’s show on US politics that United States President Donald Trump made his comments during negotiations with Democrats about not wanting to take anymore immigrants from what he termed shithole countries. To discuss the fallout from these comments other further US developments we invited back on the show Deputy Editor of the Unshackled and Host of Front and Center Podcast Emilio Garcia who is currently right next door to the United States in Mexico.

While using the term shithole countries is not the most diplomatic term to use the media reaction has as always been over the top and disproportionate with Trump again accused of being racist. The countries that Trump was referring to Haiti and those in Africa do have a low Human Development Index ranking and many immigrants from those nations bring their problems to the west. Many leftists and celebrities in response to these comments have claimed that these countries are not that bad, yet have previously claimed that people need to leave these countries because they are so run down. African leaders taking the moral high ground has been the most disgusting reaction to theses comments given that they run so of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Trump also decided to cancel his planned trip to London and his reasoning as stated on Twitter came across as quite lame and elitist. He said because the embassy had been moved by Obama to a less desirable location in the city he would not go, this was also factually incorrect as it was George W. Bush who made this decision. Many suspect the trip was cancelled because of the protests it would attract and that even British MPs had spoken out against Trump being invited.

The likely reason that Trump lost his temper during negotiations was due to the fact his key promise of building a border wall with Mexico has not been funded nor has construction begun. Although it is largely seen as keeping Mexicans out the reality is Mexico is a stopover country for residents of poor Latin American countries who want to get to the United States. Mexico has its own southern border wall to prevent this and Mexicans entering the United States is actually declining.

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