*Update: Since the story ran the shadow ban on the Front and Center podcast’s Twitter profile has been lifted.


The Front and Center podcast, categorized for its centrist political ideology, has been shadow banned on Twitter. What is Shadow Banning? This is when Twitter chooses to stop distributing a profile’s content without letting the owner of the aforementioned know this is happening.
This practice came to light after a Twitter executive was filmed bragging about the fact that Twitter was targeting certain accounts and suppressing their speech without banning them from the platform altogether.
The engagement of the page had fallen over 200% within a week for seemingly no reason (see below)
BEFORE:AFTER:Granted, the Front and Center twitter page is only a few months old and was not the most happening social media account, however, it was getting regular and relatively high engagement. Emilio Garcia, the host of the Front and Center Podcast and administrator of the account, found it strange that his activity had plummeted in such an intense way.
After running some tests, he came across the following:

Not only did the “shadowbanned” tool indicate that the account had indeed been shadowbanned, a search for the account on a separate browser came up with exactly one response tweet, with no sign of the account itself. The image below, however, is the search result from within the account:

The hashtag #shadowbanning is going viral, and we need to keep it alive. Make sure to retweet anyone who claims to have been shadowbanned to make sure they get as many eyeballs as possible. Our voice will not be repressed!

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast

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