The reasons the left loathe Trump so much are as follows.  Trump does not pamper to their sacred cows of political correctness and their pet issues like gender bias, racism on every street corner, homophobia and transphobia,  inequality,  gender quotas, diversity quotas,  the patriarchy, victimhood,  heterosexism and a host of other slogans and catchphrases of the left which define their existence.

I am sure I have missed a great many from the guidebook of the left and their fake industries which keep them so busy. To those raised on everyone gets a prize, you have a right to university and you are entitled, Trump challenges that and they strongly dislike it.


Left policy failure is everywhere. Failed welfare,  failed education,  failed Aboriginal policy, failed socialist states around the world, new genders discovered every few weeks,  the industry of psychobabble giving 1 in 5 kids in Australia a disorder of some sort and pouring fuel to the flames of the grievance, excuses and blame industries and their favourite-the victimhood industry.

They like to spend lots of awareness campaigns, for every conceivable thing that they feel is wrong. Also, they are maligning normal masculinity as wrong. Many call it toxic masculinity. They have made an industry of that too. Hordes of social justice warriors are leaving universities with useless degrees and who have been brought up on safe spaces and trigger warnings.

ABC love this stuff. They thrive on it. They keep chasing shadows and all sorts of menaces to fight. Racism, inequality,  gender pay gap, sexism, the patriarchy, bigotry of religious folk, evil conservatives and all those private schools- it is so unfair. And we want more money for education.  Even though we have thrown the bottomless pit of money at education for decades we want more!


A total blind faith fuels the leftists. A large number of Millenials want socialism and favor confiscation of wealth.  Babies are not supposed to remain babies but the left say no problem.  Children are sent to schools and universities that keep them perpetually whinging and entitled. The state can totally take care of you. In other words-babies.

Leftists love victims and their continual quest to find them is a great passion of theirs. The more the better. They embrace ill health, welfare, poverty and falsehoods for all. If you go against the status quo,  you are the problem. You must understand things like white privilege and toxic masculinity.

The left revel in family breakdown.  They also are good at inventing new disorders to keep the psychobabblers busy. They loathe people who say divorce impacts children and who say a child should have a mother and father. 

It was obvious to anyone living here that in the 1980s that single parents, divorce,  and disintegration was everywhere.  What did the left say? Is the patriarchy,  sexism, not enough government welfare, the schools should be given more money.

The left tore down the authors who said family breakdown was causing enormous harm to children. The left now in the United States even shut down adoption agencies because these agencies wanted to place children in a home with a mother and father. So it is not about children’s welfare for them, it is about their agenda. You know your cause must be so good if you need to go after adoption agencies!!

What matters to the left are that they are seen to be virtuous and compassionate.  It is all a ruse. Consequences to others, harm and responsibilities come a distant second.

Left-wingers are excited about signing into law protecting eagle eggs, but outraged about protecting the unborn.

LGBT organizations care of youth as much as communists cared about workers. Purveyors of the garbage we have in Victoria called Safe Schools to think children are born with no genitalia. Give a child a few fire trucks and they may magically grow a penis. Give them a doll and they may grow a vagina. They are a cult which projects its pathologies onto ordinary people who just go about their business.

LGBT is a trojan horse to mainstream sexual behaviours which are maladjusted. Safe Schools has as much to do with anti-bullying as a fish does to a bicycle.  We are seeing five-year-old children dressed in drag or participating in pride marches with simulated sex acts with half-clad men and women. The left call this progressive.

What will not make it into the media are that there are hordes of demoralised doctors who are sick and tired of treating the active members of the alphabet Rainbow Mafia. The obese, drug addicts, alcoholics are demonised yet not one person will tear the strip of this.


Safe Schools and other programs have nothing to do with bullying. They have used fake statistics and say traditional norms are heterosexism and constantly attack masculinity. They frame it as agree with us or you are a bigot and culturally oppressive. The Gods of the sexual revolution do not take prisoners. 

They blame their health problems on stigma, create false bullying reports, create fake hate crimes and appeal to diversity to crush dissent. The key goal is to portray themselves as victims and the oppressed and not the aggressors. The power of rationalization drives them. Is celebrate with us or we will crush you.

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