Attacks on the Traditional Family Must Stop!

traditional family

The State of the Culture Wars – Part 1

The left thinks society can discard any long-held building structures of civilization and not suffer any consequences. Increasingly we see the left embrace socialism and putting this philosophy into schools and universities. This harms the traditional family, society and children.

The left not only dislikes traditional families they actively and intentionally try to destroy them. When you speak of family breakdowns you are labeled as a fundamentalist. Family breakdown causes national instability. The left’s ideology of moral relativism and hyper-individualism is tearing away at society’s fabric.

The culture war’s biggest target is the child. They redefine families and have redefined the west. Administrators, teachers, and professors worship political correctness and their left-wing ideology even though there is destruction everywhere you look.

If you are paying any notice you will see that educators ignore, erase and rewrite history to suit their purposes. They push aside facts and allow emotions and feelings to determine truth and reason.

In spite of all the evidence, the left insists that sexual license or whatever self-hedonistic whims you have has no consequences. Divorce and illegitimacy devastate the lives of many and are the drivers of the welfare system. 

The divorce epidemic was started by feminists. Feminism was never about equality or advancement but about the destruction of marriage. Fatherless,  single-mother homes create the conditions for the sexual revolution. 

Prisons are bursting full of men-sons of single mothers. We get more expansion of the welfare machinery that in the great bureaucratic fashion, creates poverty.

Poverty is chiefly caused by a poor family structure. Cheap compassion without attention to sexual depravity and no-fault divorce and so on just exacerbates the problem. You can have hook-ups daily, spot a prettier girl or more handsome man to your wife or husband, have live-in girlfriends plus a few more casual liaisons, perhaps swinging is your thing?

The left says divorce is liberating, children do not suffer from a childhood without the mother or father and a child can be just as well raised by homosexual parents. Bollocks! Gender they say is whatever a person thinks in his or her mind and anyone who will not play along is a hateful bigot. They say we should enthusiastically dismantle traditional families and we will be stronger as a result.

Is society going to wake up to about 50 years of damage which the collapse of marriage has done to society? Studies of prisoners show that being raised in homes without a father is much more likely to lead to crime. This is a much more significant factor than IQ, race, or culture. Yet the left encourages and praises it as free love and very acceptable.

Feminists flout these choices. Marriage is now seen as an individual choice, the business of no one save the couple who embark on it. Two or three divorces is no problem.

To the left, social stigma or social norms are dogmatic nonsense.  For the feminists, any attempt of shame for abandoning your children is an act of oppression and a grave abuse of human rights.

If you live by the old morality where you think marriage is good for society,  that welfare dependency is wrong or abandoning children is horrible, you get abusive hatred thrown your way. Individual self-whims and individual lifestyles are the most important.

Political correctness is not morality at all. It means all lifestyles are equal. Never make any negative remarks about others and each person pursuing their own self-gratification is what matters. Justifying their self-indulgence, hedonistic behaviours and lifestyles is important for the left.

Gender confusion has now been added to the mix and the self-identification movement. Any sexual relationship, any fetish or taste is legitimate. Much of this over the past few decades is parents’ fault for handing their children over to left-wing schools controlled by socialist collectives. 

If you don’t believe in no-fault divorce you are a patriarchal a**hole keeping women down. Feminist ideology is full of hate,  feminists always paint themselves as oppressed, label most men as oppressors,  seek to advance themselves through destruction of others, seek heavy public attention, spread rumours of the patriarchy,  rape culture, make false accusations, create a feminized education system and enforce a politically correct culture of censorship.

The dysfunctional society is proof that cultural Marxism works. Differences between sexes are now blurred, the feminization of men is increasing and no objective standards exist.

At universities, you will learn postmodernist thought. The West is terribly racist and all advancements and success of the West was due to the enslavement and oppression of others. Crime is not the fault of the individual but of society. Women are continually oppressed.

The sexual revolution is great (if it feels good, do it). Also elaborate rationalizations: privilege,  white privilege,  microaggression, women are encouraged to be unladylike, men are encouraged to be like little effeminates.

The poor are all victims. It is always better to be a victim and to be entitled.  But they keep shifting the goalposts.  As soon as you give in to one demand they invent another. The constant agitation, anger and bitterness is ripping society apart, the ultimate goal totalitarian control and power.

The progressive garbage we have been fed for 50 years leads to unhappiness.  The fact that a significant portion of our society is happy to dress a child in drag, parade him on the streets and pump him with hormones to change gender is where we are at. The parents of these children should be taken to a psychiatric hospital and treated.

Children are sexualised for pleasures of adults. Society calls it progressive parenting.  They are given interviews, parades and profiles on internet sites. What fallacy of the slippery slope? It is happening now. We are there right now. The Labor Party thought it was a fine idea having drag queens read to children in public libraries or at schools. We see the LGBT view that they are entitled to your children.

Also if a transgender person wants to kiss you and you refuse you are labeled a transphobe.  They think we owe them our children. We see the spewing of hatred by activists to parents who do not want their child having hormone treatment even though there is no such thing as transitioning. No person born male will ever be a woman. People like Dan Savage (It Gets Better Project) think we should hate parents for not allowing children to mutilate themselves.

If you care about the wellbeing of children, the harmony of society and the future of this nation: stand up for the traditional family!

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