The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group Cover Brisbane with Traditional Marriage Posters

A new Australian nationalist group is claiming credit for plastering Brisbane overnight with a series of posters defending traditional marriage in the lead up to the national postal plebiscite on same sex marriage.

The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group or Austranati as they are also known has put up close to 300 posters with three different variants up throughout Brisbane including at South Bank, the Queensland University of Technology’s Gardens Point campus, Griffith University, Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens, Queens Street, Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill and Kangaroo Point.

The first poster is a reference to the ill-conceived Royal Dutch Airlines’ Amsterdam Pride promotional poster stating ‘It doesn’t matter who you click with’. It has been widely mocked as it highlights the fact that only the two opposite combinations will allow you to buckle up and potentially save your life.

Austranati’s version of the poster states ‘Love, Duty’ ‘only one of these works’ and ‘protect traditional marriage’.

The second poster is a defense of nuclear family with the slogan ‘A mother and father’s love is irreplaceable’ and ‘protect the nuclear family’.

The third has a picture of a family with the simple slogan ‘traditional marriage must be protected’.

The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group’s reasons for distributing these posters was set out in a statement provided to The Unshackled: “Austranati firmly believe in the protection of the nuclear family as the core foundation to the upbringing of healthy children. Traditional marriage has always played a vital role in securing the existence of the next generation and is prevalent in nearly every culture”.

They also aim to play their part in the public debate on the same sex marriage plebiscite: “We hope that our posters help like-minded people to step forward and Vote NO to the upcoming plebiscite. This is only the beginning, the left will not silence us or our people with their fear tactics, death threats and consistent harassment. We stand strong, we stand prepared, we stand ready to fight for our future.”

The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group is one of several newly formed nationalist groups in Australia which are making their voices heard, they are also a part of the recently created Australian Nationalist Coordination Authority which aims to bring together disparate nationalist groups from around the nation.

Austranati describes itself as: “We are an Australian movement that advocates the protection of our White identity and the Traditional Western values rooted in Christian and Pagan traditions from Cultural Marxism, Islam, White genocide, international communism and the globalist elite”.

No doubt the appearance of these posters will trigger the left and same sex marriage advocates who accuse anyone who disagrees with their views of engaging in hate speech. A twitter hashtag #respectfuldebate has already emerged with leftist snowflakes distressingly reporting any appearance of traditional marriage material.

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister has told all same sex marriage advocates to report all “offensive materials” to the Senate inquiry she is chairing overseeing the postal plebiscite process.

One hopes we still live in country of free speech where we can debate issues of national importance without one side being offended all the time. The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group has already conducted other poster campaigns and plan to conduct more in the future vowing that “tomorrow belongs to us”.







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