Samantha B Calls Ivanka a C***, gets an Award… Unlike Rosanne

A large part of objectivity is recognizing when someone you like and/or agree with has done something wrong. When it comes to Rosanne Barr’s tweet most could recognize that it was inappropriate and wrong, regardless of whether it merited having her show cancelled.

This, however, is night and day from the scripted comments said on the left-wing comedy show featuring Samantha B where she struck back at Ivanka Trump for tweeting a picture with her infant. Samantha B claimed the tweet was inappropriate due to het father’s immigration policies, so she called her a “feckless c***.”

While both received their fair share of criticism, Rosanne was met with real life consequences like the ousting from Hollywood and the cancelling of her show. Samantha B, on the other hand, had waves of left-wing support, including Kathy Griffin who claims Samantha B is the real victim. Just days after calling the daughter of the president of the United States the c-word, she was given an award for “bravery,” as reported by the Daily Wire.

It just goes to show that all standards of decency and political correctness on the far-left wash away whenever its directed at what they consider to be the right targets.

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