Ricky Turner of Cooks Convicts Confronts Victorian Police Minister over African Crime

Ricky Turner 2IC of patriot group Cooks Convicts has confronted Victorian Police commissioner Lisa Neville over the Andrews Government’s response to African crime in Melbourne this summer and their dismissal of the recent St Kilda Meeting in footage released today.

While the Police Commissioner was holding a press conference in Melbourne she was approached by the man wearing a hi-vis singlet and challenged on her approach to tackling the situation.

Ricky took issue with the label of ‘racist’ being applied to Australians concerned with the issue of African/Sudanese overrepresentation in violent crime statistics relative to their demographic proportion. An issue which has both been denied and acknowledged depending on who you ask.

He also objected to people who attended the Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach last Saturday being branded Nazis and extremists.

“I don’t appreciate us being called racists because we’re sticking up for everyone,” he said, “we have had a gutful.”

Ricky berated the woman who offered feeble platitudes, before an aide stepped in to draw the situation to a conclusion and ushered him away.

You can see the footage below.

You can also learn more about Ricky Turner on his recent appearance on Tim Wilms’ Unshackled Waves Show.

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