Poll: Should Women’s March Organizers Condemn Linda Sarsour?

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Linda Sarsour is a self-proclaimed feminist and a supporter of sharia law. She has often claimed that women in western countries are worse off than women living under sharia law in the middle east and Africa. Sharia law gives half of the authority to women in the eyes of the law, bans women from voting, and requires the direct authorization of a male guardian to leave the home or the country.

This is the same woman who is a vital organizer of the yearly woman’s march, supposedly meant to empower women and promote equality. Recently, the woman’s march has become far more political and has no issue calling many politicians and men racists and sexists. Linda Sarsour herself has said tremendously anti-Semitic things, and so have many of her closest allies. This begs the question:

Should Women’s March Organizers Condemn Linda Sarsour?

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Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast