Poll: Should Sydney Uni Shut Down Aboriginal-Only Safe Spaces?

Aboriginal Affairs, Race, Rundown

Sydney Uni features a space where only aboriginal students may enter. This means that if you are white, Asian, Hispanic, or black, you will not be allowed in. We want to hear your opinion about this.

Poll: Should Sydney Uni Shut Down Aboriginal-Only Safe Spaces?

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  • CypherOz

    The word for this is apartheid – why go backwards?
    Who needs safe spaces anyway… snowflakes and cucks?

    • William McCorbin

      Safe spaces immediately implies anyone *not* of that demographic is somehow dangerous. How about the opposite? “Safety Spaces” where folks we find dangerous are put… Oh! I forget! They have those.. they’re called prison.

      How insulting is it to be told that, just because you are not of a particular demographic, you are a danger to those who are?

      Safe spaces only reinforce the victim mentality that is infecting and poisoning the world.

  • Maryanne

    I’m shocked at the result so far. Why do people believe that aboriginals at universities need safe spaces in the 21st century? Maybe for people from the deserts but they don’t go to university. Most of the said aboriginals are white.

    And yes I know what I’m talking about. My sister tutored white aboriginals at a provincial university. The biological paternal grandmother of one of my grandsons – blond, blue-eyed and with translucent white skin that Asians would die for – has ticked off the paperwork that recognizes him as aboriginal. My daughter has never taken advantage of this perk that potentially is worth a lot of money.

    Aboriginal The Black Steamtrain perfectly and literally illustrated the scam: https://theblacksteamtrain.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/success-we-like-it-white.html