POLL: Jail or Deport Bangladeshi Student Guilty of Terrorist Act in Melbourne?

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A 25-year-old student named Momena Shoma has pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the name of violent Jihad. Having been in Australia less than a month, she took a knife and stabbed her homestay in the neck as he lay asleep next to his infant daughter, yelling “Allahu akbar” as she did so.

As she confessed, she seemed unapologetic about the incident. She openly admitted to coming to Australia with the sole purpose of committing a terrorist act in the name of violent Jihad. She also said she had been looking for someone to hurt since the day she arrived in Australia and said she attacked her homestay because he was “very vulnerable.”

After coming to Australia only to commit terror and attacking the man who invited her into her home as he lay next to his child, we want to know how you’d answer the following question.

What should be done with Momena Shaoma?

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