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Police in Victoria have warned that that the Marxist organised anti-Morrison protests planned for central Melbourne this Friday could drain vital emergency resources from bushfire-affected communities.

Anneke Demanuele a spokeswoman for “Uni Students for Climate
Justice” (the group organising the marches) refused to rethink the planned
rally telling 3AW that they never asked the police to come in the first place.

police have asked to stop
Socialist Alternative organised climate rallies. Coming to a city near you this Friday.

It’s amazing that neither 3AW or The Age or the Daily Mail or even the supposed evil right wing “News Corp conspiracy” at the Herald Sun didn’t manage to uncover the most obvious and publicly available fact about Ms Demanuele, that being that she is an activist with Socialist Alternative and has been since at least 2015. Anneke was elected to officeholder position in the National Union of Students under a Socialist Alternative ticket, writes for the Socialist Alternative magazine Red Flag and has represented Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne for years now. She was recently in attendance at the Socialist Alternative organised IMARC Riots selling copies of Red Flag while screaming obscenities at conference attendees and tussling with police before giving an interview to the University of Melbourne student magazine where she described herself as a Socialist Alternative member. She even got herself arrested by police at a Melbourne Extinction Rebellion event as a part of the (largely successful) attempt by Socialist Alternative to take over that organisation. The only way to not know that Anneke is a Marxist would be to do absolutely no research at all, which is apparently what the Australian media has decided to do.

Anneke Demanuele kneels in front of her comrades making a closed fist communist salute while wearing a white shirt with a picture of Karl Marx. Also Pictured is Roz Ward (also of Socialist Alternative) and veteran Marxist activist Stephen Jolly. Somehow not a single journalist has worked out that Anneke is a Marxist.

Notably in February 2017 Demanuele was the chief organiser of the Socialist Alternative led mob that attacked conservatives in Melbourne who were trying to embark on a bus to see Cory Bernardi. She was even interviewed on Channel 7 about it. Again none of this is hidden or secret; all of it is publicly available information.

police have asked anneke
Anneke Demanuele of Socialist Alternative shows off her best smile.

Socialist Alternative is of course the largest left wing extremist group in Australia, an openly revolutionary Marxist organisation in the Trotskyist tradition that publicly proclaims that it wants to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state. You would think the fact that a group who want to overthrow the government are holding a dozen rallies which will be attended by possibly tens of thousands of people demanding that the Prime Minister resign would be newsworthy. But apparently not.

police IMARC Anneke
Anneke Demanuele and Christopher Di Pasquale of Socialist Alternative (on the right) scream at an IMARC attendee last year. Clutched to Anneke’s chest are copies of the Socialist Alternative magazine Red Flag.

And Ms Demanuele is hardly atypical. There hasn’t been a single spokesperson for “Uni Students for Climate Justice” who hasn’t been an activist with Socialist Alternative. Not in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Wollongong. All the same group. Every single time. And yet the journalists of Australia almost never report on it. In some cases they even cheer them on. The police are at least partly to blame as well. They could name the groups behind these “protests”, but for some reason never do.

Socialist Alternative aren’t holding these events across the
country on Friday because they seriously believe that a protest can reverse the
result of last year’s election, nor are they all that interested in
environmentalism beyond how they can use it to advance their causes. Their plan
is the same as it always is; regardless of if the cause is “anti-racism” or sexism,
or refugees, or gay marriage or even war. They want to use this event to draw
in new impressionable, naïve young lefties to recruit and radicalise. They’ve even
already set up meetings after the rally where they can immediately take new
prospective recruits to begin their “instruction” in how only “real” communism
can save the planet.

Anneke showing her charm at Melbourne Uni.

They’ve been doing it for decades, and our media has been letting them do it by never reporting who exactly is behind the mask of the multiplicity of front groups they use to dupe the unwary. And this Friday afternoon they’ll do it again. And the police will be there to babysit them while they do it, warnings deliberately ignored.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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