OP-ED: Trump is Basically Marketing Anti-Trump by Attacking Them

We all remember the book “Fire and Fury” released some time back where Michael Wolf laid out the many inefficiencies and chaos he saw while hanging around the west-wing. The book was not being talked about much, nor was it set to make too many waves upon its release, but from one moment to another the book became the most talked about issue on the news. What happened? Trump attacked. Trump filed a lawsuit as well as sending a cease and desist letter to the author and the publisher of the book.

By some reports, the book sold just under half a million copies, not to mention the regular appearances of Michael Wolf on news and politics shows quickly elevating him to celebrity status. The book was analyzed by many and was shown to have multiple inaccuracies and even a couple of typos, probably due to the expedited release of the book, however, one must wonder how successful the book would have been had Trump just ignored it. The book is basically the first-hand account of a man walking around the west-wing and reporting on what he saw as an outsider with no security clearance and little affiliation with the administration; not the most explosive plot.

The plot re-plays itself with former director of the FBI’s new book “A Higher Loyalty” is being plaid up quite a bit in the media also, and it seems that, much like the last book, it is Trump’s comments that have elevated its status. By all accounts the book not damning in any real sense to Trump, as it is simply a compilation of impressions James Comey got from the president, and not any concrete damning facts about his actions as president. The book, which will be released in the next couple of days, is set to be a splash in terms of sales, and the back-and-forth between Trump and Comey is front and centre across news outlets.

Perhaps if Trump has brushed this off as a disgruntled ex-employee lashing out, the media would have covered it as a relevant but ultimately unimportant issue, but it is not a stretch to say that much of the attention garnered by the book and James Comey comes as a result of Trump’s public objections to it.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast

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