Op-ed: Leftists’ Accusations of Racism are Themselves Extremely Racist

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A girl no older than 10 years old was once labelled as a racist. She appeared in a GAP Kids ad with her younger sister where she rested her arm on her sister’s head. Innocent enough, wouldn’t you say? Well, it would be except for the fact that her adopted younger sister is black, and so the pose is not playfulness between two children but a racist dog whistle symbolizing the subjugation of blacks. At least that’s how it was taken by the leftists who cried racism at GAP Kids on Twitter until GAP Kids caved, took down the ad, and apologized.

Any objective person would have recognized that this is not at all racist. A taller girl placed her arm on a shorter girl, and without intention or bias, there is no racism. There is, however, racism and bias in this situation, but not on behalf of GAP Kids, but on behalf of the people who accused them of racism. You see, most people just see a bunch of girls playing around, yet some people saw this as a sign of oppression, and in doing so they are putting this young black girl in lesser regard than the other white girls.

Think about it, if this had not offensive to them had the roles were reversed, and it was a black girl resting her arm on a white girl, but the ad as it was published is racist, that means that they believe that black girls cannot be represented in the same way as white girls and must be treated with greater sensibility as if she were less resilient, or capable than her white counterparts. This is antithetical to any true ideals of equality.

Another example of a racism scandal was when Ellen Degeneres tweeted out a photo of herself on the back of Usain Bolt during the 2016 Olympics with the caption “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016.” Bolt’s speed had become something of a meme during his extremely successful 2016 Olympics in Rio, and Ellen was clearly making a joke about his speed an nothing else. But to leftists, this was one more instance of unacceptable racism.

Being offended on behalf of Bolt, who himself said the image was funny and that he didn’t find it upsetting at all, the discomfort with race and perceived inferiority and that leftists have towards any non-white person. Critics claimed that because it was a white person on the back of a black person there was an inherent message of subjugation and slavery, but to any person who holds Bolt and Ellen to the same regard, this is simply a joke between two equal people and nothing more.

The results of these trigger-happy reactions to racism are the ability for people who are making actual racist statements to brush off criticism against them as the ramblings of “triggered snowflakes” who are much too sensitive. Leftists are actually working against their own mission by belittling the credibility of genuine and objective critics of racial animus and it’s bad for everybody.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast