New York Sues Trump Foundation for “Extensive Illegal Activity”

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The Trump Foundation has been sued by the government of New York due to what they are calling “extensive illegal activity.” Barbara Underwood, New York City’s attorney general, brought the case to the New York Supreme court on Donald Trump’s birthday demanding the foundation be liquidated for $2.8 million US Dollars in restitution.

The law suit alleges that the foundation was being used somewhat of a piggy bank in addition to illegally transferring funds to the Trump Presidential Campaign. So far, the reaction by the president has been to claim the law suit is politically motivated in the following string of tweets:

Donald Trump also released the following defense of Facebook:

There certainly are many charities and altruistic organizations that dedicate a disproportionate amount of their income to their operating costs and provide a smaller portion of their income to actual charitable work, generally in the interest of avoiding taxes. That being said, the faulty actions of the Clinton Foundation do not exempt the Trump Foundation’s alleged illegal activity.

Donald Trump called the move politically motivated and considering that Barbara Underwood (NY Attorney General) has no official political party affiliation associated to her position but has been known to lean heavily left on most of her actions, he may have a point. It seems rather coincidental that this law suit would be filed on Donald Trump’s birthday, however this may be a politicization of a legitimate ongoing legal process. Here is the tweet announcing the law suit one day after Trump’s birthday:

For context, this is not the first time the Trump Foundation has come under scrutiny for alleged misuses of charitable funds. Donald Trump used Trump Foundation funds to make several donations to conservative political organizations, not to mention he once used Foundation funds to purchase a 6ft painting of himself for $20,000 USD and a signed NFL helmet for $12,000 USD.

It seems that the attorney general has standing to take the Trump Foundation and its directors (which include Trump’s 3 oldest children) to court, however, the outcome of the case is unclear at this time.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
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