NAMED: The Marxists who protested Jordan Peterson in Melbourne

Last Wednesday night about one hundred protesters showed up to harass attendees at Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson’s second Melbourne talk.

This might have puzzled some people. After all Peterson held his first talk in Melbourne back on the 13th of Feb and it passed off peacefully without a single protester. One would think that if the Kermit voiced self-help guru was such a threat not a single speaking event of his would pass by without crowds of outraged Australians storming the streets to voice their angry opposition. But that didn’t happen two weeks ago and it didn’t happen the previous time Peterson visited Australia last year either.

A reasonable observer might wonder why if Peterson’s words are so objectionable was it this Melbourne event and not the previous one that had odd smelling uni students with wild eyes and spittle flecked mouths screaming outside? Has the ever-so-slightly odd Professor suddenly become far more objectionable in the intervening two weeks? Did he say something outrageously controversial during his appearance on the ABC that stoked the righteous fury of Melbourne’s seemingly perpetual platoon of placard wielding chanters?

Of course not.

The reason that there was a protest last Wednesday night but not a protest for the almost identical event held two weeks before is simple. Socialist Alternative hadn’t organised one yet.

Chris Di Pasquale of Socialist Alternative. Possibly not his best selfie.

The protest last week was orchestrated by Chris Di Pasquale, a Socialist Alternative activist who picked up his Marxism while studying Professional and Creative writing at RMIT in Melbourne. Chris is perhaps best known for almost being run over while leading the mob attacking a bus full of attendees at the Melbourne speaking event of filmmaker Lauren Southern and philosopher Stefan Molyneux. Chris has openly stated during an interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW radio regarding yet another violent protest against former UKIP leader Nigel Farage that he is entirely happy using force to shut down anyone whose views he and his comrades consider “extreme”.

Apparently a creative writing degree now qualifies you to decide what views should and shouldn’t be acceptable in polite society. RMIT is to be congratulated on the wide scope of their coursework.

As usual the protest was held under the banner of CARF, the “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism”. Unless you’ve been asleep since 2015 (or are an Australian journalist) you’ll know that CARF is a front for the Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative. Every media spokesperson for CARF over the course of its existence has been a well-known activist in Socialist Alternative or has been Debbie Brennan, a member of the even more extreme Freedom Socialist Party who was elbowed out of CARF last year for the crime of not doing exactly what Socialist Alternative told her to do.

Socialist Alternative led protesters heckle Peterson event attendees

Aside from Jordan Peterson, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux CARF has either attacked or attempted to disrupt events held by Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos, Avi Yemini, Sydney Watson, Neil Erikson, Reclaim Australia and the True Blue Crew. And that’s not counting other violent protests by Socialist Alternative not committed under the CARF banner.

They really will protest the opening of a right leaning envelope.

The protest and the speakers against it were full of well-known names and faces. Socialist Alternative activists and organisers Nahui Ludekens, Jasmine Duff, Vashti Kenway, Liz Walsh, Kath Larkin, Cathy Lewis, Sarah Ganham, James Olley, Elliot Rose and Cameron Moon were either present in the crowd or making speeches to it. Also speaking were the increasingly portly “Tom Tanuki” and the equally chubby Edward Plowman.

The lumbering lurch Plowman is notable for being one of the few self-proclaimed Anarchists remaining in the increasingly SAlt dominated CARF and is probably best remembered as the “Antifa skinhead” waving the Anarcho-Communist variant of that terrorist group’s flag at the left wing extremist organised rally at St Kilda beach earlier this year.

Someone should probably tell Tom Tanuki to lay off the pies. And also to look into Ned Kelly’s views on Asian immigration

James Olley, Marxist and self hating Canadian.

Jasmine Duff, Socialist Alternative organiser

Socialist Alternative National Executive member Vashti Kenway and Socialist Alternative organiser Cathy Lewis.

Kath Larkin (centre holding placard), Socialist Alternative organiser and federal parliamentary candidate for the Victorian Socialists.

Chubby bald Anarchist Edward Plowman addresses the small crowd.

Nahui Ludekens, originally of Mexico, now Socialist Alternative organiser.

There would be no violent protests in Melbourne if not for these extremists who, it must be stated again and again (since the media has no interest in pointing it out) have as their openly stated goal the overthrow the government and the implementation of a totalitarian Communist state.

As The Unshackled has pointed out recently these protests primarily form an avenue for extremist Trotskyist groups like Socialist Alternative to recruit impressionable young middle class students into their creepy cult-like organisation, but they also serve as the extreme left’s veto on who isn’t and is allowed to speak. To their eternal shame Victoria Police have even helped the extremists in this latter goal by astonishingly fining the victims of their often violent organised attacks and disruptions and now the supposedly “right wing” Morrison government has joined in by banning Milo from entering the country on the grounds that Socialist Alternative might attack his events again.

The pathetic dregs of a zombie ideology stumble onwards.

Thankfully Peterson had a lot more fans than the Communists did last night. Being naturally predisposed to cowardice the extreme left tends not to get too violent when so badly outnumbered. But violent protests will continue long after Peterson is gone, and they and will continue to be encouraged by the establishment. Only by informing the public that despite what the mainstream media reports these are not “anti-racists” but the most radical political extremists in our society can these thugs begin to be checked. It is beyond time that they were not coddled or indulged, but dragged out into the sunlight and seen for what they really are.

There is no place for the outdated, mass murdering ideology of Marxism in 21st century Australia. It is well beyond time these Australia-hating scumbags were reminded of that fact.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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